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Wanted: New Eyelash Curler

I need a new eyelash curler. Again. I was previously using the Tweezerman, clear plastic one and it worked fine. It wasn’t a miracle worker, but it did the job. That is, until my little brother broke it. So I went to shop for a cheap replacement and I got the metal Revlon one [not the gold one] and I was utterly disappointed. It didn’t curl very well, it pinched, it basically did everything wrong that an eyelash curler could do! And just recently, it somehow developed rust on it..and I’ve only had it for a couple months! Ugh, crap. That curler is crap.

Now I’m looking for a new one. In a perfect world I would get a Shu, but this is the real world so I need something affordable for my broke self. I used my cousin’s NYC curler and it actually didn’t disappoint. The only thing that concerns me is the rubber part was getting cut through by the metal, and it became sticky and eyelashes got stuck in it, but I’m assuming this is an old curler and the rubber part needs to be replaced anyway. And since its only about 3 bucks, I don’t have to feel guilty about replacing it. Any thoughts, suggestions?

Rimmel Green Smoky

rimmel I used the Rimmel SpecialEyes in Green Go. I honestly am not too fond of this pallette, but it was the only one I brought with me! And I bought it when I didn’t know that much about makeup. It has a chunky consistency, and it’s not very well pigmented. I had to layer it on to get a good effect, and then it wouldn’t photograph well! But I’ll show you the pictures anyway…

This is what I mean by it won’t photograph well…


I got frustrated. And to add to that, my brother’s camera has trouble focusing!


Here’s an ok picture


Well, that’s my look number 2 [28 more to go!]. I think, it can only get better from here. Haha

Skincare – What To Do??

My skincare routine has been going through a huge overhaul lately as I’m researching online different approaches to getting rid of acne. Recently, in the past year or so I’ve been battling cystic acne and I’m no stranger to pimples because I suffered with it throughout middle school and some of high school, but got it under control using a benzoyl peroxide regimen and my skin was clear until I hit college. During college, I’m not sure what happened, but my face was not happy with me. I started breaking out, and I resorted to those 3 step acne kits because in theory, they should work right? Because it’s removing dirt, oil and all that jazz. But it totally wasn’t working for me and I kept fooling myself that if I just gave it more time, it’s going to work. It wasn’t until my face was bombarded with huge painful cysts that appeared every week that I looked for a better solution.

I started doing the Oil Cleansing Method [OCM] which worked to stop my cystic acne! HOWEVER, gave me a new set of problems. Now instead of cystic acne, I had small whiteheads crop up, which wasn’t the case before. It’s probably a result of oil residue being left on my skin, which is odd because I feel like I’m taking it all off with the washcloth, but I guess I could be wrong. So once again I’m looking to modify my routine since I know that OCM works, but now I need to find a way to prevent the whiteheads. My questions to you are:

What skincare routine do you find works for you?

Do you feel you need more than one moisturizer to get the job done? [ie. creams, lotion, spray essence, spray hydrators, oils..]

Toner: yay or nay?

I really want to figure this whole skincare business out and get my skin looking GOOD! And just for the heck of it, here’s proof that I had pimples plus oily skin [EW!]


Milk of Magnesia to Keep Your Eyeshadow in Place!

Ok, I know I said I would do a look a day, but seeing as my camera’s batteries are dead….I’ll do a review instead!

This may be the weirdest suggestion for a primer that you’ve ever heard of, but…I use milk of magnesia as my eyeshadow primer. I got this suggestion from where some people say they also use it as a face primer. I tried it out on my face for a while, but it did not seem to stand up to my ridiculously oily face! However as an eyelid primer it works just fine.

It works because the powdered magnesium absorbs oil. Some have found that it can also cause dryness or a tightness to the skin if too much was applied. I also have the Urban Decay Primer Potion [UDPP] and it works, but I feel guilty using the primer potion on a daily basis since it is sorda expensive in my book. You could also pick up generic milk of magnesia at a dollar store. It’ll be the cheapest primer you can find and it will last a lifetime!

Welcome :)

WOW! Where to start? You know that feeling when you’re going through all your favorite beauty blogs to see if they updated? And the disappointment that comes with no update yet. Well, instead of sitting around waiting for my next fix…I decided to start my own blog! I’m planning on including product reviews, tutorials, FOTD’s swatches, Q&A’s and all that yummy stuff!

For my very first post I’m going to kick of a series for the summer and we’re going to call it 30 Looks in 30 Days. I’m going to (or attempt to) put up a different eyeshadow look everyday. I figure it will get me into the habit of posting daily and most of all it’ll be funnn. Here’s the first look, teal and taupe:



I’m not going to list what were the shadows used quite yet, because honestly I use a random mix of shadows! But I’ll try to do more looks in the future with shadows that are easily accessible.