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Wanted: New Eyelash Curler

I need a new eyelash curler. Again. I was previously using the Tweezerman, clear plastic one and it worked fine. It wasn’t a miracle worker, but it did the job. That is, until my little brother broke it. So I went to shop for a cheap replacement and I got the metal Revlon one [not the gold one] and I was utterly disappointed. It didn’t curl very well, it pinched, it basically did everything wrong that an eyelash curler could do! And just recently, it somehow developed rust on it..and I’ve only had it for a couple months! Ugh, crap. That curler is crap.

Now I’m looking for a new one. In a perfect world I would get a Shu, but this is the real world so I need something affordable for my broke self. I used my cousin’s NYC curler and it actually didn’t disappoint. The only thing that concerns me is the rubber part was getting cut through by the metal, and it became sticky and eyelashes got stuck in it, but I’m assuming this is an old curler and the rubber part needs to be replaced anyway. And since its only about 3 bucks, I don’t have to feel guilty about replacing it. Any thoughts, suggestions?


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  1. * Anna says:

    hey! i ordered a shu ‘however you spell the second part’ curler but i have YET to receive it in the mail! darnit… on makeup alley i think they said the e.l.f curler is good ( ya know, where everything is a dollar) but i dont wanna order online cuz people say shipping is a b*tch! haha

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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