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My camera ran out of batteries…so I’ll just do a post linking you to other sites that I enjoy!

The Oil Cleansing Method [OCM]- I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made in my skin! I used to have cystic, painful acne and since using the OCM, I rarely get those large, deep under the skin pimples anymore. I know it sounds counterintuitive for someone with acne-prone skin to be applying oil to their face, but the proof is in the pudding cuz this stuff works! Lots of high end brands make oil based cleansers as well such as MAC, DHC, Kiehls and Shiseido to name a few. I don’t follow this method exactly because I still use a moisturizing cleanser afterwards and moisturizer at night. Give the site a look-see cuz they explain things a lot better than I can!

Joseibi – This is a site on Japanese Skincare. I guess they used to sell skincare items, but not anymore so if you click on the links of skincare brands it will give you information, but you can’t actually buy the items. I like this site because they have great articles on oily/dehydrated/acne prone skin! This pretty much inspired me to change up my skincare routine. Check out the articles on dehydrated skin!

Garden of Wisdom – They are an all natural skincare store and also forum. The skincare routines suggested at this site are a bit extensive. They suggest these multiple step skincare routines which I really have no time for haha, but it’s still a useful site! And they also recommend adding emollients [oils] to skincare routines.


Flamboyant Indeed

I like the look I did today! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I used the L’oreal H.I.P “flamboyant” duo. I can’t help but think about the LA Lakers when I see this color combo. They were applied dry and I used my trusty Rimmel Underground liquid liner in case you were wondering.


a bit blurry



and noww, pictures of Paris! yay!


lazy bum


she thinks the keyboard is her bed

Dyno Art and Clothing

My boyfriend is an artist [not a makeup artist…dang haha]. He makes shirts and paints dinosaurs and stuff. Check out his blog! Check out the Myspace [where you could order shirts]!

EDIT: the link to the blog was wrong before, but i fixed it

Craftstore Brushes

Most of the makeup brushes I have are from Michael’s, they’re a lot cheaper than buying “real” makeup brushes and they always have a 40% off coupon in the sunday ads every week! They have Loew Cornell brushes at Walmart as well that come in packs. The brushes from Walmart are different from the ones that I use, but you could check them out and see if any of them look useful. Here comes a crapload of pictures!…

Royal Soft Grip size 5 SG 1250. I use this for a crease brush, it isn’t the best, but it’ll do until I get a better crease or blender brush.

Royal Soft Grip size M SG999. I use this as a fluffy eyeshadow brush. TIP: Use flatter [shading] brushes when you want to have more color intensity versus fluffy brushes which don’t pick up or deposit so much color at first]. It’s great for highlighting or blending.

LC American Painter size 1/4 4400 Angular. My angled eyeliner brush. Great for winging out that eyeliner!

LC American Painter size 0 4000 Round. Also for eyeliner and getting more precise lines.


LC 270 Maxine’s Mop in sizes [from top to bottom] 1/2, 1/4, 3/8. These are the shader brushes I mentioned earlier. The big ones I use to apply base or highlighter on the brow bone. The middle brush is for basic eyeshadow application. I use the small one to apply highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes.

Royal size 3/4 Soft Grip SG 950. For application of liquid foundation.

Winsor & Newton size 3. This is my favorite! I use it for blush, it’s made with white goat hair and its soooo soft. It looks like a makeup brush too haha.

I know this isn’t a brush, but it’s related. I use this as a pallete to put my mineral foundation on instead of swirling it into the cap. I also use the wells to put mixing medium in when I do my eyeliner and whatnot. I got this at Michael’s also I think it was either 99 cents or 1.99. All of the smaller brushes go for around 2-4 dollars, but you get an extra discount with the coupon! The discount only applied to one item, but you can choose which item to apply the discount to.

I got the idea to buy makeup brushes from the craftstore from Enkore Makeup. Here’s the video!

Freeman Color Retention Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

I know I haven’t been here in a while! I’ll post extra to make up for it!

The shampoo: it works. I know this because I used my regular shampoo [Head & Shoulders] once when I was at my parents house and that shampoo stripped color from my hair! The smell puts me off a little. It doesn’t smell horrible, but it doesn’t smell good either. It has a coconut-y scent. I was surprised to see that the shampoo is colored hot pink, I love hot pink! haha. I give it a 4/5.

The conditioner: It was OK. It didn’t perform the miracles. I was looking for something to make my hair soft and shiny and fabulous! Maybe I was asking too much of a 3 dollar conditioner. Actually I think my Pantene conditioner works better. Perhaps I should leave it in for longer? One gripe I have about it is that it does not detangle your hair in the shower. I give the conditioner a 2.5/5 haha, well it doesn’t work, but I’m going to keep using it to finish it up and I’m going to look for something else to get my hair FABULOUS!


I went to Daiso today, except the one in Daly City that’s bigger [go to my previous Daiso post here]! And they had Milani makeup there! However the Milani items weren’t priced 1.50 like most things in the store, but they were still cheaper than retail. What I really wanted from Milani was eyeshadow, but the ones they had there…the pans are realllllly small! Are they always that small? It’s like the diameter of a quarter. I never actually saw Milani shadows in real life, but from the pictures they look bigger. I don’t know…but they also had some loose eyeshadows which were HUGE. Picture a big jar just a bit smaller than a MAC pigment jar, and it’s only 4 dollars a jar! So that would actually be a good deal and it would last forever too. The only things I bought there was this empty pump bottle that I can put face wash in and a retractable lip brush. I could post pics if someone requests it. I wanted to get this one big mirror, because I’m really vain. No, haha, because I do my makeup in my room instead of the bathroom and the mirror I use at the moment is pretty small.


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Riotus..Riotous..I forget how to spell it! EOTD!

I also used my NYX in lime green to help blend the dark and light green. I applied the HIP shadows with mixing medium.







Ulta Haul

I did a baby haul at Ulta yesterday using the BOGO free coupons. Let’s face it, all my hauls will be baby hauls cuz I’m a broke college student! But, I digress…

I finally got my hands on some L’oreal H.I.P. shadows! And NesssaryMakeup made me want some NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils



Riotus [L] and Flamboyant [R]. Ah they’re gorgeous!



I got this because Karen did a review of their shine conditioner and she liked it, and I’m easily persuaded by reviews haha. Plus it’s dirt cheap! Around 3 bucks for a bottle. I only tried them out once, so I don’t want to say yet if I like them or not, but I’ll do a proper review later.

All in all my haul cost me a whopping 11 bucks [gotta love coupons!], that’s kinda like paying 2 dollars an item…I just realized that now! Wow, I freaking love Ulta!!!

Somebody Stop ME!

I passed by this random beauty supply store in my area and there was this huge sign in the window saying “50% off EVERYTHING!” Yes…EVERYTHING! I have no idea why, they don’t seem to be closing. They have a bunch of high end hair products, buncha nail polishes, NYX, etc etc. I had to check it out! I was thisclose to picking up some Joico K-Pak hair reconstructor, but I already planned to get a much cheaper alternative at Ulta and use up all those buy one get one free coupons! So I held off telling myself that if I still felt that I “needed” things after shopping at Ulta, I would come back and ….go crazy. Hahah, no I would go crazy trying to decide what to get! But OMG, how often does 50% off everything happen though?!?

Oh yeah and I did a little haul at Ulta and I’ll write about it later! 😀