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Buddha Balm


I finally snatched some Buddha Balm by Karma Creatives. I first became intrigued by this when I read about it in another beauty blog. Plus I’m obsessed with lip balm anyway [especially lip balms that come in a tin, for whatever reason]! It has SPF in it and comes in many fruity or soda flavors. I’ll admit I was little disappointed when I saw it in person, because in my mind I imagined it to be bigger. Here’s a picture of the Buddha Balm next to some regular sized lipsmackers


However, the tin is so freaking CUTE that I’ll forgive it for being small. I only tried it out for a little while now and so far so good. No waxiness, no bad taste. It’s definitely moisturizing. I reallly wanted the watermelon flavor, but they didn’t have it where I bought it [Urban Outfitters]. It retails for $4.00 usd.


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  1. * fuzkittie says:

    That looks really cool! Smells great probably? The small size makes it cute though 😉

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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