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I went to Daiso today, except the one in Daly City that’s bigger [go to my previous Daiso post here]! And they had Milani makeup there! However the Milani items weren’t priced 1.50 like most things in the store, but they were still cheaper than retail. What I really wanted from Milani was eyeshadow, but the ones they had there…the pans are realllllly small! Are they always that small? It’s like the diameter of a quarter. I never actually saw Milani shadows in real life, but from the pictures they look bigger. I don’t know…but they also had some loose eyeshadows which were HUGE. Picture a big jar just a bit smaller than a MAC pigment jar, and it’s only 4 dollars a jar! So that would actually be a good deal and it would last forever too. The only things I bought there was this empty pump bottle that I can put face wash in and a retractable lip brush. I could post pics if someone requests it. I wanted to get this one big mirror, because I’m really vain. No, haha, because I do my makeup in my room instead of the bathroom and the mirror I use at the moment is pretty small.


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  1. * Anna says:

    hi there! sorry i’ve been totally MIA! i left my laptop at my other house and havent been on the comp as much cuz before the internet was so accessible from my bedroom. now i’m trying to use the comp the same time as my brothers, on their computers… it doesn’t work… i was gonna tell you something one time, but i forgot, i lost your number again. message me! okay! see ya!

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