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My camera ran out of batteries…so I’ll just do a post linking you to other sites that I enjoy!

The Oil Cleansing Method [OCM]- I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made in my skin! I used to have cystic, painful acne and since using the OCM, I rarely get those large, deep under the skin pimples anymore. I know it sounds counterintuitive for someone with acne-prone skin to be applying oil to their face, but the proof is in the pudding cuz this stuff works! Lots of high end brands make oil based cleansers as well such as MAC, DHC, Kiehls and Shiseido to name a few. I don’t follow this method exactly because I still use a moisturizing cleanser afterwards and moisturizer at night. Give the site a look-see cuz they explain things a lot better than I can!

Joseibi – This is a site on Japanese Skincare. I guess they used to sell skincare items, but not anymore so if you click on the links of skincare brands it will give you information, but you can’t actually buy the items. I like this site because they have great articles on oily/dehydrated/acne prone skin! This pretty much inspired me to change up my skincare routine. Check out the articles on dehydrated skin!

Garden of Wisdom – They are an all natural skincare store and also forum. The skincare routines suggested at this site are a bit extensive. They suggest these multiple step skincare routines which I really have no time for haha, but it’s still a useful site! And they also recommend adding emollients [oils] to skincare routines.


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  1. * nikki b says:

    i’m intrigued by the oil cleansing method. like you, like millions… i have chronic, continuous acne. cystic, little bumps, lots of whiteheads and no matter what product i try, i’m always stuck with these disgusting things. so if you say the method worked for you, i’m curious about it. hmmmm…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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