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Bright Pink Lips

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Alexis Bledel wore this bright lipstick to the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants premiere. It really caught my eye and the color is very flattering on her! That’s awesome, I wanna rock fuschia lips too! The more I look at the pictures, the more I think she sorda look like a mix between Jennifer Garner and one of the Olsen twins haha. She looks more mature here, I think she’s hot!


Ly-na Experiment Day 1


I keep reading in various blogs about this Ly-na Pearl cream and I decided to jump on the bandwagon! It’s funny because I remember this cream from back in the day when my mom and my aunts would all have it, but I had no idea what it was used for. And then I snagged a tub of my moms and starting using it like undereye concealer because it makes your skin lighter and pasty looking. I didn’t know at the time that it can actually physically lighten your skin! Otherwise I wouldn’t have slapped it on so carelessly. I have the Ly-na Nourish Cream in the green tub while other girls I see who are using it have the pink tub, the Pearl Cream. Mine contains pearl powder as well, but it has a higher concentration of sulfur, which is known for its acne fighting properties.

It claims to remove “blackheads, pimples, ephelis and wrinkles.” [Ephelis means freckles, I looked it up!]. The instructions have this weird precaution saying that

If your acne becomes worse, it is because you haven’t properly cleaned your skin prior to application.

That’s pretty harsh haha! That’s almost like saying “if this product doesn’t work, that’s because you are dirty, and it’s totally not our fault”. I can already imagine an Asian lady scolding me for not using the cream correctly…..moving on!

I’m going to start using it as a night cream today and I’ll update every couple of weeks or so if I see a significant change. I have to say I’m a bit worried about the skin lightening effects because my arms are already darker than my face as it is, but I guess that’s the price you pay to have those acne scars faded! And here’s the gross “before” pictures!

lynaDay1 007 copy

lynaDay1 011 copy

lynaDay1 009 copy

lynaDay1 010 copy

FOUNDATION IS MY FRIEND! Now let’s get rid of those suckers! By the way, Yummiebitez and Christiana did wonderful reviews on this product as well!

MAC Night Light & Dark Soul

I’m gonna post a few things today to make up for my lack of posting recently!

I did this look for Individual Collective‘s gallery closing event. I took the pictures at the end of the night, but my eyeshadow was still intact which goes to show that even tho Urban Decay Primer Potion costs a pretty penny, it does what it says it’s going to do!

I used Dark Soul on the crease and outer v and Night Light all over the lid and on bottom lash line.

072608macLook 004 copy

072608macLook 001 copy

072608macLook 002 copy

My boyfriend captured the FOTD, with a cupcake to increase the cuteness!



Clean Those Brushes!

I’m about to deep clean my brushes today and I wanted to share with you guys the technique. I was going to make my own tutorial for it, but considering I don’t have access to a camera right now, I’ll let Enkore Makeup do the work for me! [I clean my brushes the exact same way he does anyway]

Edit: I thought I posted this a long time ago, but WordPress says it was unpublished so here ya go!

Make your own brush cleanser

Deep Cleaning

“Daily” Cleaning

Brush Deodorizing

Red for the First Time!

I was always hesitant to try out red because it’s such a bold color and I didn’t want to buy a tube of red lipstick only to find out that I didn’t like it. But since getting the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Plush Red for about 39 cents at Big Lots, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try! I actually cheated because I was too lazy to remove the Milani Sherbet lip gloss that I had underneath so those two mixed together makes it a kinda coral-red. The NYX pencil on its own is deeper and more like a blue-red.


Please excuse the pimples and wrong shade of foundation haha.

More Milani Swatches!

When I got the shadows and lip glosses they didn’t look all cute like they do in the pictures. They were covered in broken shadow mess and it was ugly like this >

biglotshaul 001 copy

So I cleaned them up to make them presentable for my blog!

Here’s a size comparison of the Milani eyeshadow to an Ulta eyeshadow, which is the same size as the Milani blush. I know Milani sells items in much bigger sizes now, so this must be an old packaging.

biglotshaul 014 copy

I thought Storm would be a dupe for the Ulta Galaxy, but Storm is actually more pigmented and darker while Galaxy is more sheer. They both have the micro glitters in them though.

biglotshaul 024 copy

Here’s some more swatches! Rich Chocolate is a matte brown. It’s good to have a mixture of mattes and shimmer and different eyeshadow finishes to add depth to the look. For example if only shimmers were used it would look very flat and not really have dimension.


My poor Storm and Silver Bullet were broken! And subsequently I got Storm pieces on my carpet and it’s not coming out! Not cool man.


Almondine is very close to my skintone, so it’s hard to make out the swatch, but it’s there! I promise! haha



Moonlight and Snow Frost look the same in the pans but it turns out that Moonlight has a blue irridessence to it and Snow Frost has a golden irridessence.


Big Lots Haul pt. 2

Here’s some swatches! I didn’t edit all of them yet.

biglotshaul 002 copy

Size comparison. The eyeshadow pan is pretty much the same size as a quarter. It looks bigger in the picture for some reason though.



silver bullet



Big Lots Haul Preview

Some teaser pics…I still have a lot more to put up!






Since I posted an embarrassing picture of myself below, I decided to post a cuter pic to make up for it!

I used MAC viz-a-violet on the lid and lower outer lashline, The Body Shop shimmercubes purple silk on the crease, Isadora mineral eyeshadow in tourmaline [it’s shimmery light blue] on the lid close to the lashline and on bottom inner lashline. I lined the waterline with Revlon Colorstay and lined the top with a navy blue liner.




This Was a Bad Idea


My boyfriend and I were at Target when I mentioned that I would need to re-dye soon. He suggested that I do it that night at his house. He seemed pretty excited about it too! Little did I know what a torturefest it was going to be! He would apply small amounts of dye, unevenly, to chunks of hair and if he encountered a tangle he would yank his fingers through until it “smoothed out.” The result? The top was lighter than the rest of my hair because that’s where all the dye was concentrated and then we ran out of dye for the rest of the hair! I had to go over again to try to even things out, it’s still not perfect but it’s less of a disaster now. Honey I love you but you’re not touching my hair again. Lesson learned.

You’ll see the result of the new dye job in later FOTD’s. I actually used a cheap dye at first, Revlon Colorsilk in light ash blonde. The second time around I used Herbal Essences hair color in medium cool blonde. I really like the conditioner you get with the Herbal Essences hair color. It’s really rich, it almost feels like you can’t rinse it out of your hair, but your hair is going to need all the moisture it can get after all that processing!

While I’m on the subject, what’s your favorite hair color brand? I need suggestions for next time!