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Currently Lemming: Eyebrow Stencils!

I’ve been hearing good things about the Anastasia Salon and the kits that are sold at Ulta. Before I shunned the idea of using an eyebrow stencil because I thought it would give you a fake, too-arched look. But after seeing Pursebuzz’s videos after she had her brows done at the salon, I could tell in the video that their expertise really made a difference. Brows have always been something I struggle with because they naturally grow unevenly and I’ve never been able to fix it on my own so the eyebrow stencils sound like a good solution. HOWEVER, if I wanted the eyebrow stencil kit from Anastacia, it cost 20 dollars! So I’m currently looking for a cheaper alternative that has cute brow stencils, not severe crazy looking eyebrow stencils.


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