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I don’t know why I’m doing this, it might just encourage me to buy more, but I feel like I have to write it or I’ll forget what I want haha. 

Brushes from Crown Brushes. But I just realized you have to make a minimum order of 25 dollars. That’s so not in my budget. 

Everyday Minerals Foundation in Warm Medium Beige. I’m actually running low! Also, I’ve never ordered a full size before…I always get the samples and they last me a really long time! I even spilled my All Smiles blush twice and I still have a bunch left! I also want brushes from them…and their soap looks cool…and everything! haha oh EM, you have me eating out the palm of your hand. 

Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque – I’ve been breaking out lately and I read good reviews on this on I don’t know if the breakouts were caused by the Ly-na cream [I REALLY hope not cuz I’ve gotten quite attached to it and I don’t want to give it up] so I kept on using the cream and the breakouts only occured on my forehead and right cheek while the other parts of my face are fine. So maybe these breakouts are just a coincidence. I don’t know…but if I get another big pimple, then it probably is due to the cream. 

Eyebrow stencils – yeah I’m still lemming that

– A light colored cream eye pencil or eyeshadow so I can highlight my inner tearducts quickly and I want it to be cream because I feel like putting powder shadow can make it start to look cakey. 

A flesh colored eyeliner to use on my waterline and make it look bigger. This is actually been pretty hard to find. 

NYX round lipsticks – They sell these at this clothing store sorda like a small Forever 21-knockoff next to Target where I live. And it’s only 1.99 for a tube! NYX can be hard to find in drugstores, but I tend to see them at those small no-name shops that sells juniors clothes.  

Deep conditioning hair mask or treatment

All natural facial soaps. Like the ones you can get from Camellia Rose or Pureluxe. I would order from them but the added shipping makes it not really worth it to me. They also have some at Lush, but that’s pricey also. I should probably take a look at Whole Foods or some other organic foods stores and they should have some there. 

Brush cleaning jar – it’s just a jar with a sponge type thing at the bottom! But I feel like it would make my life easier haha.

L’oreal Jelly Balms – they look just like MAC tendertones and they’re so cute! 

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme – This is the only one I can really justify buying because I’m about to run out of mine! 

That’s kinda a long list, but where’s the money gonna come from?? Sometimes it just feels good to mentally shop in your head, while you figure out what you really need to buy…or which to buy first, haha.


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  1. * aireen says:

    hahaha i feel ya! i’ve been wanting to buy more & more things & it’s BAD! so i’ve tried very had not to buy any cosmetics & i’ve been doing pretty’s nearing 2 weeks now! hehe but it sure is hard!
    have you tried VO5 hot oil treatment? i used it recently & i felt a significant change in my hair.
    the queen helene masque! i’ve used it a few times & so far so good; but i haven’t used it long enough for me to really really know. BUT i used it on my boyfriend & saw a huge change 😛 & just ONCE too! (he has different problems than me hah)
    brushes! i want more brushes too! idk if it’s because i do need them or if it’s because i get tired of cleaning mine so often…heh in any case i want to stop by michaels or something, but not for a while. or maybe just hold out until around the holidays for the costco brush set 😀

    anyway, good luck to getting your items & dang you for making me think about getting things haha

    p.s. i hope your break out isn’t due to the lyna cream 😦 i think we started using it almost the same time

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * nee says:

    Boba is the best invention ever !! lol you should come to vegas one of these days we have so many boba places..I like Hawaii yummie the best 🙂

    haha you’re like me, you make wishlists..its funny cuz I make em, then I lose them and forget what I wanna buy

    I want some crown brushes too :] the pink handled ones LOL

    I had queen helene mint masque before but I just threw it dried out face more although It did help with the breakouts and it smells good

    try looking for natural facial soaps on vitacost or lucky vitamin , they have cheap organic crap on there

    I wanted to buy the pure luxe calamine soap for acne too but the price also steered me away HAHAH

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  3. * anna says:

    hey!! long time no talk! anyways…. i bought that brush cleaning jar! at michaels… with the 40% coupon it ended up being $3.21…. i’ve used it once so far, and it’s alright i guess. it’s kinda hard to use face brushes with it cuz you know how it’ll get all brown? yeah, i wonder if it was worth it……

    omg and did you get my text that one time about the jelly balms? about the bogo free at walgreens? o well they have it every week or so at either longs, walgreens, or rite aid….

    i’m still having a no buy =/ it’s a good thing though. makes me use what i have…. haha

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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