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Sorry for the lack of updates! That usually happens when I go away for the weekend and also I’m in the process of moving so that keeps me busy. I found some coconut oil at Walmart in the supplements section for about 10 dollars, but I didn’t get it cuz I wanted to see if I can find it somewhere else for cheaper. I’m moving to San Francisco [the bay area where I’m originally from 🙂 ] and I know they have plenty of natural food stores there where I can continue my search for coconut oil.

I had a dilemma yesterday when I went to buy some Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. They had it on sale at Walgreens buy one get one free for Queen Helene products. However, the only QH products they offer there are the Mint Masque and the Cholesterol conditioning cream for hair. I wasn’t interested in the conditioning cream because I just have a feeling it won’t work. So I could have gotten 2 tubes of the masque, but I know it would take longer than a year to finish the first tube anyway so I didn’t get two tubes either. I was hoping that if i just got one then I can get it for half of the sale price like at supermarket when its say 2 for 4 dollars, but if you only bought one then it you only pay 2 dollars. Well, that wasn’t the case at Walgreens! So I just got one and it was 2.99, which is still ok because it’s usually 3.99. I sorda feel regrets for not picking up something else for free, but I don’t want to think about it cuz it’ll just make me go crazy haha. Anyway…here are some upcoming posts I have planned… – Joppa Minerals review – Witch Hazel toner review – Queen Helene review


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