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<3 2 Years! <3

We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Be happy for us!

not ready

At the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

we smuggled a teriyaki chicken in to the tea garden…

not ready. hehe

Caught in the act
we paid 4 bucks, but the squirrels get it for free!

not ready

geez im gonna look like a kid forever

don’t mind the weird hand gesture

uhhh…nice pose babe!

and of course we ate at Red Lobster cuz it’s totally romantic!


Microfiber Cloths

image source -

image source -

[I don’t have the hair wrap, I just have the cloth on the left]

Another Unlisted Brand find from! I swear the unlisted brand items [when searching in makeupalley, instead of specifying a brand, type in unlisted brand] are the coolest beauty finds/discoveries ever! They should call it “secret tips that seem so crazy that it just might work”

Which brings me to…microfiber cloths! They are used as opposed to a regular washcloth because they are incredibly soft [i’m pretty sure baby toys are made out of the same material] and have great exfoliating power! The way I see it, a regular washcloth exfoliates by the ridges on the cloth catching the debris, but with a microfiber cloth there’s even more ridges, so many that they’re “micro”, and its does more work than the regular cloth in one swipe. I don’t know if what I explained made sense, haha.

Anyway, I tried it out tonight and it’s awesome! It really feels like it grabs onto the skin and buffs your skin. And normally my chin is congested and clogged at all times and ordinary scrubs or washcloths aren’t enough to remove that, but THIS did the trick! In one use!

I got mine at the Dollar Tree! It was the last one there, maybe I was the last one to catch on to this phenomenon!  It is the April Microfiber Facial Cloth. It says you can use it wet or dry. It’s actually a good size too, like big enough to cover your whole face and neck too.  Some people actually buy the microfiber cloths that are used to clean cars with. Then you would get more than one in a pack and he prices vary, but it’s still very affordable. I dunno though, I would feel a bit weird using something on my face that is also used on a car, but maybe if they had them in a cute color I would pick some up haha.

And I give the microfiber cloths a 5/5! It’s soo goood

[I had to keep telling myself not to spell it like “clothes”]

Fancy Shmancy Soap!

volcanicsoap 005 copy

Sorry, the pictures I took are horrible! My camera just won’t cooperate today!

From the back label:

Purity comes from deep within skin with triple milled D:tox System purifying body bar. Super-cleansing activated charcoal and volcanic ash lift pore-clogging toxins, oils and debris – readying them to be rinsed away.

Hand-harvested, antioxidant-rish acai and goji berry infuse skin with the vitamins so critical to smooth, beautiful, purely touch-worth skin. The result is skin with noticeable clarity, gently fragranced with essential oils of luscious fig and clean green tea. Toxins lost. Purify found.

I got this soap a while back, but haven’t gotten around to trying it until now because I was trying out one new thing at a time and by the way the coconut oil as a facial moisturizer was a bust. It gave me clogged pores in placed I never had clogged pores before. So, since my skin was so congested and gross, I needed something to really purify my skin and this Giovanni Charcoal and Volcanic Ash soap seemed to fit the bill.

When I read that it contains volcanic ash, it immediately reminded me of the volcanic ash scrub that MAC came out with in the future earth collection. However this is in a bar form and doesn’t have particles in the soap that will physically exfoliate the skin. It comes from the D:tox System line where there is a soap, body wash and moisturizer [there might be another product, but those were the only ones I saw at the store].

This is just a first impressions review because I can’t really say anything good or bad about it until I had a chance to use it for a couple weeks. It was weird that I searched the internet and the Giovanni website for this product and it wasn’t there. It retails for 4.99, look for it at natural food stores or places that carry Giovanni products.

Look at Me!

Some ad campaigns I did…



They love their mama

Like Fuzkittie says “love yourself”

Photofunia 😀

My Cats!

OliverParis copy

I took this from my brother’s blog [and made it better!] because it’s freaking HILARIOUS. Cats are too funny hahah

Japanese Pore Strips

a 005 copy

I’m fascinated by pore strips. I admit, it’s a hit or miss with these. Sometimes with pore strips they hardly do anything and something they work really well and it grosses you out how much crap used to be in your nose!

I got these at my favorite Japanese bargain store, Daiso [hi Daiso can I get paid for all this free advertising? :)], for a whopping 2 dollars! and you get 8 strips. That beats Biore any day [Their 8 strip pack costs almost 8 dollars according to]. These ones are different than Biore however because I believe they have charcoal as an ingredient [I don’t know for sure because I can’t read japanese!], so the strip is a dark grey and also leaves a dark residue on your skin, but you can easily rinse that off. It smells weird too, I think because of the charcoal.

The procedure:
I do it right after a shower and I mean RIGHT after while your face is still all wet. Apply the strip firmly and smooth over the strip firmly. I even sorda scrape it over with my nail just to make sure it’s really sticking. You let it dry about 15 mins. and then slowly peel off. You should see the blackheads and gunk sticking to the strip as you peel. Some say that it’s a painful procedure, but I never experience that. I mean it’s sort of uncomfortable but taking off a bandaid is worse! At least in my opinion. Maybe it hurts more for people who have more tiny hairs on their nose that the strip will grab onto.

When it’s done I can’t help but examine all the plugs that got pulled out. It almost works too well, because it leaves literally an open hole where the blackhead used to be and that’s not too cute. But you can splash it with cold water to try to close it up. I’m pretty sure in the long run this might not be the healthiest thing for your skin because it’s kinda of like picking at your blackheads or squeezing them out, except its more effective! So the pores are more open and susceptible to dirt and bacteria. So I only do this when my pores get reallllly congested and start to drive me crazy and that’s about once or month or less.

Coconut Oil Review

a 008 copy

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
– hair is softer
– less brittle
– shinier

This is how I use the coconut oil: Since mine is in a bottle it’s awkward to get out and my particular brand of CO is liquid sometimes and solid sometimes. Like, it doesn’t even have to be that hot out and it would be in liquid form. I guess that’s why they sell it in a bottle. But right now it’s cold in the city and it’s solid so I had to microwave it to get it out. Apply about two spoon fulls worth to your hair from the ears down, you could condition the top of your head too if you have thick hair and it doesn’t tend to get weighed down. You can put a shower cap over it or not and let it soak for at least an hour. Then shower, I shampoo twice to make sure all the excess is shampooed out. Then condition as normal. Repeat weekly.

I’m testing it out right now to see if CO would make a good facial moisturizer. I only used it on my face for a few days so it’s too early to judge. I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t do nasty things to my face!

One more thing…the brand I have, Parachute, it’s a bit odd in that it literally has bits of coconut suspended in the oil! I don’t know if other CO brands do that as well. If there ever was an EXTRA EXTRA virgin coconut oil, Parachute would be it!

Mint Julep Masque Review

QHMJM 002 copy

From the back label:

Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment developed by a dermatologist that helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clena face and neck. Within minutes it firms and hardens, drawing out impurities from your pores. After the masque is removed, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth. Even for individuals who are fortunaley free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relax tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.

I had a medium sized, non cystic pimple come up on my forehead sometime monday afternoon. I started treating it Monday night and every night after that. Friday the same week, the pimple was basically gone! This stuff is awesome!

QHMJM 007 copy

I tried it as a face mask last night because I squeezed out too much when I was getting some out to take a picture of, so I had no choice but to use it. I was hesitant about it because I figured if it’s strong enough to dry out pimples it might be too harsh for the rest of the face. I only tried it on one half of my face so I figure if it turns out to be a bad idea then I only messed up half of my face. I didn’t think it could actually remove blackheads or shrink pores all for 4 bucks a tube, but I was hoping it can do something to lessen the oiliness of my face. If you’re like me, you wake up everyday with normal cheeks and and oily t-zone! It’s really crazy to me that the skin on my face is so drastically different. So I tried it last night, on half my face and went to look in the mirror at the morning….still oily! Both sides. But that’s ok, maybe I’ll give it another shot some other time if I’m bored, but I do like this stuff for it’s ability to dry out pimples. I feel that it does as good a job as the Mario Badescu drying cream, without the crazy sulfur smell, and for 1/4 the price! I would rate it a 4/5. It would have gotten a 5 if it could make my face less oily, if only for a day!

One con I would mention is that it’s pretty hard to squeeze out the tube! and then if you squeeze too much it’ll just squirt out more than you needed! I hear it starts to dry out in the tube over time as well. But that doesn’t stop millions of people from using the min julep masque after all this time.

Homemade Lipbalm

You know that tub of “coconut oil” that I got at Walmart [the Blue Magic one]? I looked at the ingredients and noticed that the first ingredient is Petrolatum which is a fancy way of saying Vaseline. Yeh, I highly doubt vaseline with a splash of coconut oil is going to moisturize my hair, so I needed to find another use for that big old tub. I looked up what people use Vaseline [or petroleum jelly] for and a lot of them said as a lip balm. I decided to get crafty and make my own tinted lip balm 🙂

Start with blue coconut oil petroleum jelly.

lipBalm 003 copy

Add pigment. I used Everyday Minerals B&B blush because I found it was a bit dark to use as a blush. Although it’s a nice shade, it always went on heavy. The stuff underneath was the first batch of lip balm I made [late at night, bored]. Now I’m adding more balm and pigment to fill up the jar. The jar came from an old lip gloss that I didn’t like so i dumped the old stuff for my experiment.

lipBalm 004 copy

Add jelly and then mix it up a bit.

lipBalm 008 copy

Heat in microwave for 30 second intervals, mixing in between. I ended up heating mine for a minute and a half total. You could heat it up one more time to get it to really melt and be smooth.

lipBalm 011 copy

lipBalm 017 copy

Finished product! There are only 3 ingredients in the coconut oil I have so I don’t think it would be unsafe to put on your lips. I just know that petroleum jelly and coconut oil are common ingredients in lip balms or glosses and the last ingredient is “fragrance”.

I Got My Coconut Oil!

147_4711_r1 copy

I went to an Indian grocery store near my parents’ house and got a jug of Parachute brand 100% pure coconut oil! It was $7.50 for 33.8 oz or 1000mL, which is pretty awesome considering the price of coconut oil elsewhere. Most places would sell coconut oil at the same price, but you get half the amount of the bottle that I have.

I find it odd that my CO comes in a bottle packaging when other CO brands come in a jar, because it is solid at room temperature. I was thinking that if the CO is solid in that bottle, I would be forced to heat it up to get the oil out. When I opened it though I found out that it is in fact in liquid form. And I thought HMM that’s weird! And then I got suspicious like maybe I didn’t get real coconut oil. So I decided to stick it in the fridge to see if it would solidify and it does! But when I let the solid coconut oil sit out for a while it doesn’t completely revert back to liquid, but it gets slushy…that’s the only way I know how to describe it. Like a liquidy solid. I put some of the CO in a jar so I can give some to my brother [I wanted to share the wealth haha!] and I took a pic of it when it was solid.

147_4716 copy

It smells like toasted coconut so if you don’t like the smell of coconut, opt for a refined coconut oil, which is odorless. Another thing, they seal this up really good when you first buy it. It has this plastic stopper that you have to punch through to get it open and there’s a good reason for the extra precautions! I found this out later when my liquidy oil started to leak out of the bottle…even with the cap on! That wouldn’t be a huge issue though unless I wanted to travel and bring that big bottle with me.

I haven’t tested it out yet because I just dyed my hair [again] last night and I don’t really wanna mess with my hair just yet since the hair color is still fresh. I’ll probably test it out sometime this week and I’ll update on the results! Oh yeah and my hair is a bit darker now, I’ll have to show you pics of that too…next post..