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I Got My Coconut Oil!

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I went to an Indian grocery store near my parents’ house and got a jug of Parachute brand 100% pure coconut oil! It was $7.50 for 33.8 oz or 1000mL, which is pretty awesome considering the price of coconut oil elsewhere. Most places would sell coconut oil at the same price, but you get half the amount of the bottle that I have.

I find it odd that my CO comes in a bottle packaging when other CO brands come in a jar, because it is solid at room temperature. I was thinking that if the CO is solid in that bottle, I would be forced to heat it up to get the oil out. When I opened it though I found out that it is in fact in liquid form. And I thought HMM that’s weird! And then I got suspicious like maybe I didn’t get real coconut oil. So I decided to stick it in the fridge to see if it would solidify and it does! But when I let the solid coconut oil sit out for a while it doesn’t completely revert back to liquid, but it gets slushy…that’s the only way I know how to describe it. Like a liquidy solid. I put some of the CO in a jar so I can give some to my brother [I wanted to share the wealth haha!] and I took a pic of it when it was solid.

147_4716 copy

It smells like toasted coconut so if you don’t like the smell of coconut, opt for a refined coconut oil, which is odorless. Another thing, they seal this up really good when you first buy it. It has this plastic stopper that you have to punch through to get it open and there’s a good reason for the extra precautions! I found this out later when my liquidy oil started to leak out of the bottle…even with the cap on! That wouldn’t be a huge issue though unless I wanted to travel and bring that big bottle with me.

I haven’t tested it out yet because I just dyed my hair [again] last night and I don’t really wanna mess with my hair just yet since the hair color is still fresh. I’ll probably test it out sometime this week and I’ll update on the results! Oh yeah and my hair is a bit darker now, I’ll have to show you pics of that too…next post..


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