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Homemade Lipbalm

You know that tub of “coconut oil” that I got at Walmart [the Blue Magic one]? I looked at the ingredients and noticed that the first ingredient is Petrolatum which is a fancy way of saying Vaseline. Yeh, I highly doubt vaseline with a splash of coconut oil is going to moisturize my hair, so I needed to find another use for that big old tub. I looked up what people use Vaseline [or petroleum jelly] for and a lot of them said as a lip balm. I decided to get crafty and make my own tinted lip balm 🙂

Start with blue coconut oil petroleum jelly.

lipBalm 003 copy

Add pigment. I used Everyday Minerals B&B blush because I found it was a bit dark to use as a blush. Although it’s a nice shade, it always went on heavy. The stuff underneath was the first batch of lip balm I made [late at night, bored]. Now I’m adding more balm and pigment to fill up the jar. The jar came from an old lip gloss that I didn’t like so i dumped the old stuff for my experiment.

lipBalm 004 copy

Add jelly and then mix it up a bit.

lipBalm 008 copy

Heat in microwave for 30 second intervals, mixing in between. I ended up heating mine for a minute and a half total. You could heat it up one more time to get it to really melt and be smooth.

lipBalm 011 copy

lipBalm 017 copy

Finished product! There are only 3 ingredients in the coconut oil I have so I don’t think it would be unsafe to put on your lips. I just know that petroleum jelly and coconut oil are common ingredients in lip balms or glosses and the last ingredient is “fragrance”.


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