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Japanese Pore Strips

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I’m fascinated by pore strips. I admit, it’s a hit or miss with these. Sometimes with pore strips they hardly do anything and something they work really well and it grosses you out how much crap used to be in your nose!

I got these at my favorite Japanese bargain store, Daiso [hi Daiso can I get paid for all this free advertising? :)], for a whopping 2 dollars! and you get 8 strips. That beats Biore any day [Their 8 strip pack costs almost 8 dollars according to]. These ones are different than Biore however because I believe they have charcoal as an ingredient [I don’t know for sure because I can’t read japanese!], so the strip is a dark grey and also leaves a dark residue on your skin, but you can easily rinse that off. It smells weird too, I think because of the charcoal.

The procedure:
I do it right after a shower and I mean RIGHT after while your face is still all wet. Apply the strip firmly and smooth over the strip firmly. I even sorda scrape it over with my nail just to make sure it’s really sticking. You let it dry about 15 mins. and then slowly peel off. You should see the blackheads and gunk sticking to the strip as you peel. Some say that it’s a painful procedure, but I never experience that. I mean it’s sort of uncomfortable but taking off a bandaid is worse! At least in my opinion. Maybe it hurts more for people who have more tiny hairs on their nose that the strip will grab onto.

When it’s done I can’t help but examine all the plugs that got pulled out. It almost works too well, because it leaves literally an open hole where the blackhead used to be and that’s not too cute. But you can splash it with cold water to try to close it up. I’m pretty sure in the long run this might not be the healthiest thing for your skin because it’s kinda of like picking at your blackheads or squeezing them out, except its more effective! So the pores are more open and susceptible to dirt and bacteria. So I only do this when my pores get reallllly congested and start to drive me crazy and that’s about once or month or less.


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