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Microfiber Cloths

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[I don’t have the hair wrap, I just have the cloth on the left]

Another Unlisted Brand find from! I swear the unlisted brand items [when searching in makeupalley, instead of specifying a brand, type in unlisted brand] are the coolest beauty finds/discoveries ever! They should call it “secret tips that seem so crazy that it just might work”

Which brings me to…microfiber cloths! They are used as opposed to a regular washcloth because they are incredibly soft [i’m pretty sure baby toys are made out of the same material] and have great exfoliating power! The way I see it, a regular washcloth exfoliates by the ridges on the cloth catching the debris, but with a microfiber cloth there’s even more ridges, so many that they’re “micro”, and its does more work than the regular cloth in one swipe. I don’t know if what I explained made sense, haha.

Anyway, I tried it out tonight and it’s awesome! It really feels like it grabs onto the skin and buffs your skin. And normally my chin is congested and clogged at all times and ordinary scrubs or washcloths aren’t enough to remove that, but THIS did the trick! In one use!

I got mine at the Dollar Tree! It was the last one there, maybe I was the last one to catch on to this phenomenon!  It is the April Microfiber Facial Cloth. It says you can use it wet or dry. It’s actually a good size too, like big enough to cover your whole face and neck too.  Some people actually buy the microfiber cloths that are used to clean cars with. Then you would get more than one in a pack and he prices vary, but it’s still very affordable. I dunno though, I would feel a bit weird using something on my face that is also used on a car, but maybe if they had them in a cute color I would pick some up haha.

And I give the microfiber cloths a 5/5! It’s soo goood

[I had to keep telling myself not to spell it like “clothes”]

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  1. * yumeko says:

    i have similar hair wraps but made by a japanese company locally
    and i love it!! dries my hair soooo fast !!

    i gotta look for a wipe cloth for my face too!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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