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Pink Smoky FOTD

My professor pushed back our paper deadline so now I can blog! Yayyy!

My inspiration:

My attempt:

Anna gave me some makeup that she didn’t use anymore [thanks again!] and a lot of the shadows were pink or purpley-pink. I don’t usually use pink shadows so I didn’t really know what to do until I found this video on youtube! Of course I don’t have the same shadows that Misschievous uses, so I improvised and did a budget friendly version of it.




Products used:

Covergirl 4 shadow pallete with pinks for highlight and crease
Adorned with Grace Happiness [cool pink] on crease
Rimmel medium green color
Ulta Galaxy [Black with micro glitter]

I used both the darkest pink from CG and Happiness in the area above the crease. Since I don’t have a gunmetal kinda that Misschievous uses, I layered Galaxy and the Rimmel green color because the green provides the iridescence while the Galaxy makes it smokey and dark. On my lips I used Milani Secret [a sheer milky color] lip gloss and NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee.


In other non makeup related news…I got a fish!



He’s a Ryukin goldfish, that’s how we got the name Ryu, remember Streetfighter? I know Christiana does! haha. I originally wanted a Pearlscale goldfish, but I saw this guy at the pet store and I fell in love! He’s beauutiful!


6 Random Things

I was tagged by Nessasarymakeup… she said everyone, right? haha
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1. I hate being cold, HATE IT
2. I have a major sweet tooth, uncontrollable almost
3. If I wasn’t on my way to being a nurse I would be a makeup artist or a financial advisor!
4. I’m the middle child, and the only girl!
5. I like my new school, but miss my old friends too
6. I have freckles 🙂

I tag

Anna, Dyno…I feel like everyone else has been tagged already!

Brush Cleaning is Fun Again!

It’s like someone just put a sponge in a jar and started selling it for 5 dollars….but it’s so awesome though!

Concealer brush before

brushcleaning 001

Brush cleaning jar before [with water and shampoo inside]

brushcleaning 002

What came out

brushcleaning 009

White goat hair blush brush before

brushcleaning 011

Blush brush after

brushcleaning 012

And lastly, my foundation brush

brushcleaning 013

I don’t wear black powder makeup on my face…the freaking dye runsss! yuck

brushcleaning 015

So anyway, go get a brush cleaning jar at Michaels or art supply stores! It will make your life easier and make you look all professional! ooh

brushcleaning 004

brushcleaning 018


Quick question – if I stocked up on Ly-na Pearl cream would any of you be willing to order some? I know it can be hard to find in some places and luckily for me, I have a bunch of Asian supermarkets around where I can buy it. Any takers? Comment here or hit me up at

Since I’m asking you guys questions anyway here’s another [although not makeup related]. I have the opportunity to work 2 jobs and I’m not sure if I should take on the second one because I also go to school. Both jobs have its pros and cons so I don’t really want to choose one over the other. I’m really torn about what to do! And why couldn’t these job offers come earlier in the semester when I had hecka time on my hands?? I woulda took both just out of boredom! Hmm…decisions…

Lazy Girl Makeup #2

[Lazy girl makeup #1 was the fotd from a couple days ago]



he waits for hella long while i get ready, yay! 🙂

It’s just Styli-style navy black eyeliner on waterline, a dark blue shimmery eyeshadow applied wet on top and bottom and NYX sahara [shimmery nude] all over lid and browbone. On cheeks is Maybelline Expertwear blush in “pinch o’ pink.” < Very cute and can be used as an everyday blush.

I have to wake up early tomorrow for work, that sucks. But what doesn’t suck is..I’m employed, finally!!

My Skincare Routine

In case anyone is curious, my skincare routine as of now is


Usually just splash face with water then sunblock and moisturizer. I use Aveeno sunblock for the face. *TIP* apply your sunblock or moisturizer while your face is still damp because it helps with absorption and seals moisture into your skin!


– remove eye makeup with cold cream, like Pond’s cold cream
– oil cleansing method 1-2 times a week
– Olay moisture balancing cleanser
– Nivea soft moisturizing creme
– Ly-na pearl cream
– exfoliate with aspirin mask 1-2 times a week
– sulfur mask [Like Queen Helene Mint Julep or Mario Badescu Drying Mask] when my skin needs extra help! Like when I’m PMSing haha

I used to do the oil cleansing method everyday, but it gave me a bunch of whiteheads, it was probably just too rich for everyday use. I cut back and my skin is responding well to that. I also tried using a witch hazel toner in my routine, but I never saw any improvement while using it and I’m trying to simplify my routine so it’s not so long and complicated. That’s what I’m doing for now… my skin has it’s ups and downs so I’m always tweaking it.

Oh yeah and I used to get really bad cystic acne like constantly before when I was using the University Medical 3 step acne kit. It was mostly a benzoyl peroxide based product. BP used to work for me when I used BP in middle school and part of high school, but maybe my skin became immune to it cuz it was completely ineffective this time around. What helped my skin out was incorporating products with some oil in it like the oil cleansing method and basically products that won’t dry my skin out. This is just what I do, I can’t say it will work for everyone, but sometimes when you’re at your wit’s end you’ll try anything right? haha

And here’s a FOTD with the Mario Badescu drying mask…gorgeous, this should totally be my new foundation!


Bright Teal Liner

tealLiner 007

tealLiner 005

tealLiner 004

I wanted to do something simple, easy and different from my other looks. It was inspired by Tao’s back to school look except I only used a few things. I find myself not waking up early enough to do a full face of makeup before heading off to school so my makeup routine is gettin lazier and lazier.

I used:

Mary Kay eyeshadow in Jade

I applied the light color all over the lid and then the dark color on the bottom

tealLiner 010
Pantina gel liner pallete in navy blue

I put this before applying the bright teal eyeshadow to help it stick

And finished it off with Rimmel Underground liquid liner[in black]  to line the top. I apologize I don’t remember what I used on my lips, I think it’s NYX in soft fushia mixed with some lipgloss…haha.  And that’s all folks!

New Layout

Are you feeling this new layout? I felt like the old on was too narrow and sometimes my pictures would get cut off. Or are you the type of person who once you’re used to something, change makes you uncomfortable hahah..I’m like that sometimes so I’m not gonna be changing up the layout like on a monthly basis or anything like that.

Oh and I totally didn’t make the layout myself, it’s all thanks to wordpess. I used to dabble in html and very limited graphic design [ok ok, i got someone to make graphics for me! haha] but man, it takes a long time and I don’t even remember how to do it anymore. This will do for now..I want my room to be chocolate brown and granny apple green too!


This is random, but Anna got me thinking about stuff I want…



crease brush

blending brush

flat top buffer

, more eyeshadow brushes

duo fiber brush

…i want all that [if you mouseover the pic i put prices for most of them…it only occured to me to put the price later on, woops]

stuff from Adorned with Grace minerals

and blushes

maybe foundation too

– cupcakes, donuts, candy and pumpkin spice latte!
It helps me study! 😛

Giovanni Purifying Body Bar

tealLinersoap 009

This is long overdue, but I finally have the review! Here is the link to my first impressions review.


– Smells nice
– Organic
– Makes skin squeaky clean


– Doesn’t combat acne
– Pores remained clogged after use, I didn’t see the purifying effects

I didn’t really feel like this worked better than my Olay cleanser. It works OK. except sorda hard to use because it gets really slippery when its wet [i know it’s soap, but still!] and I kept dropping it and that can’t be sanitary if the bar keeps falling everywhere. I would repurchase it it was on sale, but other than that I’d rather look for a bar soap that works better. I give it a 3/5.

The Pure Luxe Calamine soap looks appealing. It’s somewhat pricey, but maybe after this soap is finished up I can at least sample it and see if its worth the money.