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I finally got professional help for my uneven eyebrows! I found this place on yelp and it is not too far from where I live so I stopped by and it was about 15 minutes til her closing time so there was no one else there. The esthetician [uhh i’m not even sure if i spelled that right] Reena is really nice and she asks if you want to keep the thickness of your brows so you don’t have to worry about over-waxing or over-threading. I told her it’s ok if she made them thinner. When I went there I had a month’s worth of growth and my eyebrows were unruly! The pain level is about the same as if you plucked them so it’s not completely painless, but not terrible either. She was finished in about 10 minutes and I was satisfied with the result. She said that they were going to open another salon as well closer to where I live, so that would be even better!

If you’re ever in the Berkeley [as in UC Berkeley] area, check out M&M Thread Salon! It’s 10 dollars to have your eyebrows either waxed or threaded, its your choice so that’s a very reasonable price. I love knowing there’s a place that I can go if or when my eyebrows get out of control again haha.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t wearing foundation in both the pics above that’s why my skin looks gross haha, sorry.


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  1. * aireen says:

    it always seemed like it’d be painless, i’m too scared to get anything done to my eye brows, but i noticed that my eye brows looked really gross in pictures :(( (that’s why i don’t post so much eye make up pictures…and im lazy ahha)
    but your eye brows look nice! (& it’s not like they didn’t before)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
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