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Pink Smoky FOTD

My professor pushed back our paper deadline so now I can blog! Yayyy!

My inspiration:

My attempt:

Anna gave me some makeup that she didn’t use anymore [thanks again!] and a lot of the shadows were pink or purpley-pink. I don’t usually use pink shadows so I didn’t really know what to do until I found this video on youtube! Of course I don’t have the same shadows that Misschievous uses, so I improvised and did a budget friendly version of it.




Products used:

Covergirl 4 shadow pallete with pinks for highlight and crease
Adorned with Grace Happiness [cool pink] on crease
Rimmel medium green color
Ulta Galaxy [Black with micro glitter]

I used both the darkest pink from CG and Happiness in the area above the crease. Since I don’t have a gunmetal kinda that Misschievous uses, I layered Galaxy and the Rimmel green color because the green provides the iridescence while the Galaxy makes it smokey and dark. On my lips I used Milani Secret [a sheer milky color] lip gloss and NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee.


In other non makeup related news…I got a fish!



He’s a Ryukin goldfish, that’s how we got the name Ryu, remember Streetfighter? I know Christiana does! haha. I originally wanted a Pearlscale goldfish, but I saw this guy at the pet store and I fell in love! He’s beauutiful!


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