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Horse-y Conditioner!

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I’m trying to do posts now without using my own pictures because I’m heckuva lazy and this just works better for now.

So I think I found a solution to my leave-in conditioner dilemma. I’m at my parents house and one time my aunt randomly gave us a big bottle of Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. You know what I’m talkin bout the shampoo with a HORSE on the bottle and the packaging is ugly and it’s used for horses as well as humans. Well normally I would shy away from that sorda thing because who wants to say they use horse shampoo, but it actually smells reallllly good. And what’s great about the conditioner is you can use it as a leave-in conditioner as also! AND they actually make a detangling spray too so there’s another option.

When I got out of the shower today my hair was all tangly as usual and I decided to try it out as a leave-in and I was nervous cuz I thought it would just weigh my hair down or make it greasy looking or something, buut I applied a small amount while my hair was still wet and it detangled wonderfully and now that its dry my hair is smooth and not greasy and its grrreat!

As for being color safe, I don’t know. I know silicones help strip hair color and it has dimethicone listed as one of the ingredients but its pretty far down the list so I’m not gonna worry about it cuz even my “color safe” hair thingies have dimethicone or sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate [those strip hair color also]. I figure I’m gonna dye my hair darker soon and darker dyes are harder to fade [or in theory…or maybe i’m just imagining this…] so yeh. I’m gettin kinda tired with all this maintenance that I have to do with my long hair and the damage and the color and blah blah, it’s time consuming and money consuming! And I’m over it now.

Oh did I mention Mane ‘n Tail is dirt cheap? Like everything I buy! Chyeaaa

So anywway I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did! SWEET POTATOE PIE MMMmmmmmm I know you wish you has some!


New E.L.F. Studio Line

I came across this just now and it’s pretty interesting. E.l.f. is known for selling just about almost everything on their site for a dollar each and according to reviews, some of the stuff they offer is pretty awesome at an amazing price! So now they have this more professional looking series, in which the items cost more than a dollar, but still very inexpensive and have a sleek look to them. For example, this one reminds me of a Nars pallette…

And this looks like something I could use

Of course I can’t say whether these are quality products or not, but it looks like e.l.f. is stepping their game up and possibly trying to bite off of other brand’s packaging…haha. There was many times when I wanted to order from e.l.f. but the 7 dollar shipping and handling kinda defeated the purpose of saving money doncha think?


This was so totally weird and gross, I had to post it!

Urine Therapy

These people SWEAR by it though. Haha, maybe the cure to acne was hiding inside our bladders all this time…

If you do a Google search of urine therapy they have tons of websites about it too. Wow is all I can say.

Mineral Makeup Mixing Jar

bowl 005

bowl 003

I got a ceramic mixing jar at Daiso today! It spawned from when I couldn’t find my plastic mixing palette for the longest time…it turned out to be under my bed! woops! But I wanted a ceramic one because it would be easier to clean and can’t stain and that’s important because I clean my palette/bowl after every use.

You can get it at those random Japanese stores or Asian stores [it’s actually supposed to be a rice bowl]. Mine was $1.50! Everyday Minerals sells their rubber mixing bowls for 4 bucks and an unnamed mineral company sells a mixing container [which is really a glorified candy dish] for 7 dollars.

I should mention for those who aren’t familiar with what a mixing bowl would be used for… it’s where you tap out the mineral makeup [foundation, blush, finishing powder..whatever[ and then you dip your brush into the bowl as opposed to using the cap or dipping your brush directly into the mineral makeup jar which can be unhygienic.

Dollar Store Find!

Thanks to Anna who generously donated these to me! Haha

Ten Beauty eyeshadows

I barely believed it myself…

ten 001

ten 003

ten 006

The bottom 6 colors are shimmery and the top 3 are semi-matte

ten 004

ten 009

Silky eyeshadow in “wheat”
ten 011

ten 008


tenbeauty 006

The color got a bit washed out by the flash in the next pic

tenbeauty 004

I used #1 [the numbered swatches above] in the contour, number 2 along the upper lashline, then 3 for highlight. I didnt realize those other colors, the ones I used on the highlight were pretty shimmery, but luckily I didn’t use much because Kim Kardashian says you never use a shimmery highlight! The eyeshadows were applied on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

tenbeauty 003

Get some at the 99 cent store!!!

EDIT: “the single shadow was from the dollar store and the 9 shadow one was from target for like $2.99. But I bet I could have gotten it at the dollar store also cuz they have the brand there… haha” – Anna

Thanks for clearing that up! I was kinda thinking they wouldn’t sell that whole palette fo ra dollar haha

Question for you – Leave in conditioner

Do you use a leave-in conditioner or detangler? Which do you recommend and why?
I desperately need one because my hair has been getting crazy tangled lately, I almost wanna just chop it all off. I’m interested in those generic brands from Sally Beauty which are actually named Generic Value Products! haha, they’re supposed to imitate higher end brands like Paul Mitchell or Matrix and there’s also the Beyond the Zone products which are a knockoff of Tigi I think.

I Put My Lipstick to Work!

Albert Lam Photography < see more
Dyno Clothing < these shirts are for sale!







This was my first professional type shoot [besides wedding pictures…haha] and it was a lot of fun! Let’s do it again weeee!

Wet & Wild Lippies!

wnwHaul 013
Wet & Wild lipsticks, I believe they are called Silk Finish…they’re the 99 cent ones!! The tip was smashed when I bought it, booo. But it’s cool, for that price I can always get another! Overall, I think the pictures speak for themselves. The lipsticks are really pigmented and I’m happy with the colors I bought. The lasting power is not so great, but reappying is not a big deal to me. I give them a 5/5 just because the value is incredible!

wnwHaul 021

wnwHaul 017

“521A” I feel like I’m bringin ’88 back! I got the fuschia lipstick I wanted wooooooo!
wnwHaul 015

WnW Megaslicks Lip gloss

wnwHaul 023

These glosses were ok. The pro is that the color looks nice and it doesn’t dry my lips out. The con is the taste! It has a plastic-y taste and it’s gross and if you try to eat something while wearing this gloss your food will taste plastic-y too. That sucks, but at least I know now that I shouldn’t repurchase these. They retail for $1.99.

Oh yeh, I got clear gloss because it’s has so many uses! Like if you have a lipgloss and you want it to be more sheer, or if your lipstick is too matte and you want to add shine, or if you can’t decide what lipgloss to wear that day..opt for clear! Goes with everything!

wnwHaul 024

Revlon Mix & Mingle Lipgloss

wnwHaul 002

They were on crazy discount at Walgreens! Revlon is phasing out this collection so all of it is at closeout prices! The texture is semi sticky and it feels moisturizing on my lips. There’s a faint lemon-y scent to it and no taste. Normally I wouldn’t pick out something like this because since there’s 3 colors in un-equal amounts, I would freak out if I liked one of the colors the best and I used it up before the others. Yeah I’m just weird like that. But I read a good review on it and the price was right so I decided to try it out. Plus I’m trying to get more brown lippies or glosses because, it’s weird, I always feel like they don’t look good in the tube but once its on lips, its really flattering! I would definately buy again, hopefully they don’t run out before I can get to them! Let me know if you want me to do swatches on the lips of these colors!

wnwHaul 026

in Hello Honey

wnwHaul 029

wnwHaul 033

in Meet Magenta [I started to play with it before I took the pic, woops]

wnwHaul 030

wnwHaul 036

I also got some nail polish in Rockin in Rubies. $1.99

wnwHaul 037

This is my DIY black frenchie! I normally don’t do french manicures. I’m just not that type of girl, but I saw a girl practicing her french mani with black nail polish and I thought it looked cool! I already know it won’t last though…I don’t take good care of my nails! haha

Fall FOTD and Tigi Review

tigiNfotd 006

In the Fall I’m seeing a trend of deeper lip shades like plum, wine or deep red colors. I don’t really have any, but this looked dark on me [it looks deeper in person]. It’s NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee which is supposed to be a nude but I was playing around with dark lipsticks last night and I guess when they mix together, it looks like this!

I used Adorned with Grace Captivating [chestnut brown] all over lid and AwG Pure [almost matte cream] as highlight and layered NYX Sahara as highlight too.

TiGi Fashionista Color Safe Conditioner
~ 12.99 for 8.5 oz

tigiNfotd 016

This was my first foray into higher end hair products, and it worked ok. Mostly I wanted something that was safe for color and would be good at detangling because my hair is really fine and long too so it turns into a birds nest sometimes! The Tigi conditioner was sufficient at detangling, but it didn’t seem to be extra moisturizing or anything like that.

I don’t know if i got a bad batch or something, but it’s supposed to be grape scented, but smells like rotten grapes! or smells off, I don’t know how to describe it. Like grapes mixed with poo…I dont know.

And if that wasn’t enough, look what I found the after the first night of using it….

tigiNfotd 019

Part of the conditioner changed colors! To a yellowish brown…that part that is brown used to be at the very top and its now covered by some more regular colored conditioner. The only reason I could think of that it would change colors is because the first night I placed it on the window sill in the shower so maybe exposure to the sun changes it color? I don’t know…but I have to say I’m disappointed. I would think that they charge higher prices for a reason and that I would be gettin my money’s worth, but not with this. I wouldn’t repurchase. I would rate it a 1.5 out of 5.

Did anyone else experience this with Tigi Fashionista or any of their other products?