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Adorned with Grace Blushes

awgBlushes 011

awgBlushes 006

awgBlushes 007

awgBlushes 010

1. Illuminated
2. Gentleness
3. Sultry
4. Beautiful
5. Sassy
6. Curious
7. Vibrant
8. Radiant
9. Breathtaking
10. Serene

The blushes are even cuter in person! Gentleness [beige pink] isn’t normally that shimmery but I swatched it wet cuz its hard to photograph. Illuminated is a highlight color that’s why it’s very faint.

Now that I look at all the swatches…I want to buy all of them, crap! I also have Awg eyeshadows that I’ll swatch later!

Oh yeh, story about the second and third pictures…I put my arm and the counter to steady it and the counter was friggin cold! So I got goosebumps haha, but I took the picture anyway.


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