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Wet & Wild Lippies!

wnwHaul 013
Wet & Wild lipsticks, I believe they are called Silk Finish…they’re the 99 cent ones!! The tip was smashed when I bought it, booo. But it’s cool, for that price I can always get another! Overall, I think the pictures speak for themselves. The lipsticks are really pigmented and I’m happy with the colors I bought. The lasting power is not so great, but reappying is not a big deal to me. I give them a 5/5 just because the value is incredible!

wnwHaul 021

wnwHaul 017

“521A” I feel like I’m bringin ’88 back! I got the fuschia lipstick I wanted wooooooo!
wnwHaul 015

WnW Megaslicks Lip gloss

wnwHaul 023

These glosses were ok. The pro is that the color looks nice and it doesn’t dry my lips out. The con is the taste! It has a plastic-y taste and it’s gross and if you try to eat something while wearing this gloss your food will taste plastic-y too. That sucks, but at least I know now that I shouldn’t repurchase these. They retail for $1.99.

Oh yeh, I got clear gloss because it’s has so many uses! Like if you have a lipgloss and you want it to be more sheer, or if your lipstick is too matte and you want to add shine, or if you can’t decide what lipgloss to wear that day..opt for clear! Goes with everything!

wnwHaul 024


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  1. * audzilla says:

    i want a nude lipstick. whereja get those? walgreens?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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