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CS Gel Liner Review pt. 2

Left side of the picture – Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
Right side of the picture – Urban Decay Primer Potion
10 minute mark
Yeah, the MK side pretty much starting smudging immediately!

From 2008-12-28

MK primer side, I didn’t know the UDPP because it’s basically the same
After 1 hour

From 2008-12-28

After 8 hours

From 2008-12-28

MK primer smudgy, oily mess [but the UDPP side isn’t budging]

From 2008-12-28

I did another experiment where I used the MK primer plus mineral veil all over the lid, and then I topped the liner with eyeshadow to set it. I don’t have pictures because my camera died, but after about 6 hours the liner transfered onto my lid a bit, not as bad as just the primer on its own tho, but not as good as with UDPP. But I felt that I could wipe off the smudge and blot the oil and it wouldn’t really be noticeable.

So I’m kinda disappointed that it doesn’t work with the Mary Kay primer alone because that’s my “everyday” primer since I don’t want to use my UDPP everyday considering the cost. Also, when I use the MK primer alone and liquid liner, it’s fine and doesn’t crease or smudge so…yeah. I don’t know for sure, because I don’t have MAC blacktrack, but if Coastal Scents is going to claim that their lineer is as good as MAC’s then I would have thought it would perform better than that. If anyone knows about a eyeshadow primer that rivals UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but that’s less expensive, please let me know!

Other than my issues with it’s performance…it’s true that a little goes a long way and the color is very pigmented, a true black. I’ll give it a 4/5..but the rating is higher just cuz I think gel lining is fun! hah


CS Gel Liner Review pt. 1

I don’t think my jar was filled all the way! Look at it…

From 2008-12-28

See how the left side is clear? I figure it’s a big air bubble

This is how it’s supposed to look like all the way around

From 2008-12-28

This is the side with the bubble

From 2008-12-28

Are you seriouss?? Don’t think I didn’t notice, Coastal Scents…because I noticed.

And the jar is smaller than I imagined. It’s the same size as a 5 gram sample jar, a little taller.  I didn’t put the ruler there on purpose, it was a coincidence haha

From 2008-12-28

I have the review on how the gel liner’s performance coming up!

Beauty Oils

I’ve been discovering a lot of uses for the different oils I have for beauty purposes

image source:

– Coconut oil or Jojoba for eye makeup remover [don’t get the coconut oil on the rest of your face though, it’s comedogenic!]
– Add drops of Jojoba to your regular moisturizer to make it even more moisturizing
– CO or JO , maybe olive oil, to tame flyaway hair [just a bit]
– CO mixed with JO [yeah I use these a lot cuz its what I have! haha…and they’re awesome] as a pre-conditioning treatment for the hair
– Can always be used on cuticles, elbows, knees, feet and then cover with socks..dry spots
– Jojoba, olive oil, and castor oil for the oil cleansing method
– Olive oil [the other oils would probably work also] to clean lip brushes or brushes with creamy makeup on it. Put a drop on a paper towel and then brush the bristles the drop and then brush it on a dry area of the paper towel to wipe off the oil, then cleanse the brush as you normally would
– After-shower moisturizer, works well when your skin is still damp
– Mix olive oil and white sugar to make a rich body scrub
– Some use oils, like Jojoba directly on their face for a moisturizer, but that never really worked out for me

I got my Jojoba oil at Trader Joes and my coconut oil from an Indian grocery store, but you can get it Whole Foods kinda stores, or GNC, I saw it at Walmart too in the section for dietary supplements

Christmas FOTD

Not exactly a “holiday” look , but whatever

see if you spot a sleeping angel in the back…hahah

From 2008-12-25
From 2008-12-25

Products used

Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
EM sunlight concealer [under eye]
?? Bare Naturale concealer over sunlight
EM light olive concealer [for blemish marks]
Joppa Minerals [mixed with some EM too so I don’t know the shade exactly]
BE Warmth to contour
EM blush in B&B


the e.l.f. quad below [can you believe it costs a dollar?!?]
– pink + purple all over lid
– purple as a general contour, and on bottom lashline
– dark grey as crease
the body shop shimmer cubes purple color [on top of e.l.f. purple]
TBS shimmer cubes silver color [tearduct and inner 1/3 of lid]
random matte cream shadow [highlight]
NYX jumbo eyes pencil in Slate [waterline]
NYX sahara [highlight]

Coastal scents gel liner in black

From 2008-12-25

New Hair for the New Year!

I got it yesterday! I chopped it all offfff

From haircutdec08
From haircutdec08
From haircutdec08

Looks like now I gotta go hair product shopping…oh no, here we go

And I took pictures of Paris toda

From dec242008
From dec242008

Happy Holidays everyone!

yay coastal scents!

I just wanted to, again, profess my love for the brushes that I bought at Coastal Scents…since I have had the opportunity for use it for some weeks now, I really appreciate their ability in application. Especially the deluxe buffer and skunk brush! O M G the buffer is so soft and I love the way it applies my foundation and the skunk brush, applies my blush naturally and beautifully! Like you can’t go wrong. It makes my other blush brush look mediocre. I hear adornedwithgrace minerals is selling two skunk brushes [they looked small in christiana’s video] for $9.99! I want them…but I don’t have the money to spend on backups right now. You should get them, and tell me about it…so I can live vicariously through you hahah

I can’t wait to get my CS gel liner and try that out!

Naris UP Peeling Mask

I love Japanese beauty products. I just wish I can read what the packaging says. Since I can’t, I have to rely on reviews from other beauty bloggers to inspire my purchases.

So I got the Naris peeling mask with egg shell extract! I think I first saw it on pink’s blog. I was really excited to find it cuz I didn’t see this mask at any other places that I’ve been to that sell Japanese stuff.

From naris up pack

It’s smaller in person than I imagined.

From naris up pack

The basic idea is you spread this thick, gooey stuff alll over your face and when it dries, it turns into a film that you can peel off, taking the dead skin cells with it. The liquid was reallly sticky and gooey…but they have a warning on the package that says to unscrew it with the opening part facing up, or else the liquid can drip out when you open it.

The remains…weeee

From naris up pack

I used it, not expecting much. I just thought it would be fun to use a peeling mask! And it has egg shell extract?! I’m not sure what it does, but it sounds cool…the Japanese come up with the greatest stuff. I hear they spend the most money developing skin care products than any other country!

– A fun, different way to exfoliate
– Has nourishing ingredients like egg shell extract and collagen

– The goo, once spread, is invisible so you’re not sure where you applied it exactly which makes it hard to determine where you should put more goo without overlapping or missing spots
– Not strong enough to remove blackheads

Afterwards my skin definitely felt smoother and softer! I was actually surprised at how well it works. I like this, I would repurchase. The only complaint I have is that you can’t see where you’re spreading it and if you apply too thin in some places, it won’t peel. It’ll just kinda stick to your face and look like you have serious dry skin. But you can rinse it off with water or rub it off! Overall, a 5/5. I bought mine for $5.99 at Ichiban in San Mateo [california]. I have seen it sold online too for around $6.99

i suck at updating

hopefully during break though i’ll have more time to do it!

here’s one thing though… TKB trading, where you can get all kinds of pigments and fillers and things to make your own mineral makeup..they lowered their minimum order from $25 to $19.50! They also sell pure silica [the MUFE HD powder dupe] there!


i’m in the middle of writing a paper due..later today so i can’t really blog, but if i had the time to do a proper blog, this is topics i would cover…

ASIAN blotting papers are so much more inexpensive then freakin clean & clear! i saw a pack of 400 sheets at this little japanese store for like 6 maybe 7 dollars. and some at this filipino store called Bench [it’s like their abercrombie haha] 100 sheets for $1.99. and the mother lode, HELLA sheets for $1.50 at Daiso if you happen to live near one. their packaging is cuter too…i will buy some and show you

i found a cool blog about hair hair hair! killer strands < my new best friend. and with this hair, i will take over the world!

~OH CRAP I ALMOST KICKED MY LAPTOP OFF MY BED staying up this late to write a paper is sooo not good im gettin delirious please tell me i’m not the only one pullin an all nighter

i want to do a post about “cutting the crease”, remind me to do that! it sounds weird but its kinda cooool

im swappin the brown coastal scents gel liner for a black one that my friend is ordering because black was out of stock when i was ordering…but now i have to wait for it to arrive. im not so good at waiting i want it nowww. im probably gonna go out and buy some gel liner at the store.. :X

i got the v05 heat protectant spray. im sure it’s called something a lot cuter than that though. i need to test it out then review

does anyone know of a hair serum that’s like Biosilk without the crazy price tag? please let me know

uhmmm i’m really hungry, im gonna get a snack and then go back to HELLLL-o final papers and exams

oh…any concealer recommendations?

Fading Acne Scars

Using Ly-na Pearl Cream!

When I first started using Ly-na Cream to help with my skin issues, I was using the one in the green tub and that actually turned out to be REALLY BAD for my skin and only made things worse! I found out later that one of the main ingredients in the green one is vaseline! Gross. So around 2 months ago I switched to the PINK jar that everyone else uses and it’s actually working!

I have some nasty before pictures from when I was using the green one still…

From foundation
From foundation

Told you it was nasty!

And this is my skin now, no foundation or touching up.

From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos

I still have some scarring. Of course it’ll take time to get rid of all the scars, but the PINK Ly-na Cream really improved the tone and texture of my skin. My scars used to be super red where I felt like I couldn’t go out in public without concealing them, but now they don’t bother me so much. Also I discovered that even though they say to use a thin layer, I feel like using like say a couple or a few thin layers makes it work faster [of course without suffocating your face in it]. And it seems to me that when I saw other beauty bloggers using it, they were really slathering it on haha. Or maybe the Ly-na cream is just reallly apparent in pictures..I don’t know.

I have a couple extra tubs of Ly-na Cream, if you’re interested e-mail me and I’ll give you a price quote! >