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I Miss Thermasilk

I got a little hair obsession thing goin on right now, can you tell?

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Remember Thermasilk? It was like the first drugstore brand that said it was for people who intended to use it along with heat styling products. I used to use the shampoo and conditioner andI remembered it smelled really good. I didnt heat style my hair back then because I wasn’t as girly froo froo as I am now, but it was nice to know that if I did decide to curl my hair or whatever, my hair would be protected. And I got a sample of their deep conditioner once and then I did blow dry afterwards just to see if it really makes a difference and I remember my hair being soooo soft afterwards! I still have my Thermasilk leave-in conditioner spray. It works fairly well but there were times when it coudln’t help me out with my tangles. And now the line is discontinued! Why??

In other nuts4HAIR news…I want to get my haircut, but the style I was thinking also involves a lot of styling. Like it’s not really wash and go. That sucks cuz I’m soo not the type to get up extra early just to do my hair. Also, if I cut my hair, I was thinking I might need a new flat iron [you know for all the styling that I would have to do]. The one I have right now is ok, but OK flat irons are probably not so good for the hair. It would be a good investment for me to actually get a GOOD flat iron that because I noticed that not all irons are created equally and using a good one makes a big difference.


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