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Beauty Oils

I’ve been discovering a lot of uses for the different oils I have for beauty purposes

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– Coconut oil or Jojoba for eye makeup remover [don’t get the coconut oil on the rest of your face though, it’s comedogenic!]
– Add drops of Jojoba to your regular moisturizer to make it even more moisturizing
– CO or JO , maybe olive oil, to tame flyaway hair [just a bit]
– CO mixed with JO [yeah I use these a lot cuz its what I have! haha…and they’re awesome] as a pre-conditioning treatment for the hair
– Can always be used on cuticles, elbows, knees, feet and then cover with socks..dry spots
– Jojoba, olive oil, and castor oil for the oil cleansing method
– Olive oil [the other oils would probably work also] to clean lip brushes or brushes with creamy makeup on it. Put a drop on a paper towel and then brush the bristles the drop and then brush it on a dry area of the paper towel to wipe off the oil, then cleanse the brush as you normally would
– After-shower moisturizer, works well when your skin is still damp
– Mix olive oil and white sugar to make a rich body scrub
– Some use oils, like Jojoba directly on their face for a moisturizer, but that never really worked out for me

I got my Jojoba oil at Trader Joes and my coconut oil from an Indian grocery store, but you can get it Whole Foods kinda stores, or GNC, I saw it at Walmart too in the section for dietary supplements


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