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Royal Brushes from Michael’s

From 013009

From left to right:

I got this brush as a flat concealer brush cuz believe it or not, I never had a real concealer brush until now!

This brush I bought to apply shadow to my lower lashline

This one looks a lot like the concealing brush. I plan to use it for foiling [applying eyeshadow or pigments wet]

Since I’ve been using my fine eyeliner brush a lot lately, I decided to get this for an eyeliner brush too because it’s kinda like a mix between an angled lining brush and a fine lining brush. It seems sturdier to me and I also have a lot of control.

So if you have a Michael’s craft store in your area, check these out. They’re almost always on sale! And the Royal brushes are especially cheap, just feel the bristles first to see if they’re soft enough for makeup use. Link to my other post about craftstore brushes.


Revlon Mix & Mingle Again

I wanna try to get the other 2 or 3 colors if I find them on sale. Revlon is discontinuing this series, but I still see it around sometimes and some places are selling them for really cheap to get rid of their stock, while others are still selling it at retail price which is around 10 dollars. I got all of mine for less than 3 dollars 🙂

From 013009

Without flash

From 013009

With flash

From 013009

Very cute nude colors! Link to my other post about Mix n Mingle glosses

MAC Prep & Prime Skin

MAC Prep & Prime Skin $23 USD

From prepnprime

I didn’t like it! It looks big in the picture, but I have small hands and it costs $25 with tax. I thought this would make a big difference in the lasting power of my makeup but, it hardly did anything. Maybe it was my fault because what I need is a oil control lotion, and I got a primer instead and primers are only to be expected to fill out pores and lines so that foundation has a smooth base to cover. But the sales associate said that it will help control oil. He also said that it helps with redness, but I didn’t notice that. The only thing I liked was that my blush seemed to apply nicer when I had the primer on, but that’s it. I feel like my Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel performs the same job, and it will make me matte even if it is only when I first apply it. I would rate it a 1 and a half out of 5.

So I’m going to exchange it for something else. Any suggestions for must-have MAC items?

Dollar Store Finds

From dollarstore

1. Foam hair curlers – for when I let my hair air dry, but I want it to curl or have volume at the same time

2. Pedicure file
– my ghetto ped egg haha! It actually has a rough side and then a smoother file on the other side and it catches the shavings too

3. Hand sanitizer – I was watching a video by xsparkage and she said that she always uses hand sanitizer before doing her makeup since her hands will be touching her skin and I thought that was a great idea since I’m kinda a germaphobe too

4. Tweezers
– I don’t know where I put mine and I don’t feel like turning my room upside down to look for them. I’m actually surprised that these work, and since it’s only a dollar, I could afford to lose my tweezers…I always do anyway haha

5. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer – I just read reviews of this on Makeupalley before leaving the house and how people were sad that it was discontinued! I picked up the last light shade and they had several of the dark shades. I needed medium, but I figured if I mix light and dark it will be medium, right? 😀

Some other dollar store “beauty” items:

Microfiber cloths for exfoliating or drying hair faster
Aspirin to make aspirin masks
Alcohol to sanitize things and make brush cleanser
Cotton swabs and cotton balls
Travel size bottles, containers, spray bottles
Hand held mirrors

OH speaking of bargain stuff…at Rite Aid today, they had some random items for 75% off. I don’t know if it’s every Rite Aid or just the one I went to, I got some mascara for $1.92! And that was after tax! But a lot of the items that are marked 75% off are sold out so you better hurry!

Winged Liner Tutorial

I aplogize in advance if the directions are hard to understand, but hopefully the pictures help! Here’s how I learned to wing out my eyeliner…

Line the upper lashline. the outer half of the lashline should be thicker than the inner to make a cat eye kind of shape

From eyeliner tut

With your eyes open, looking straight ahead, make a mark on the outside of where your eyelid fold is [because you don’t want the line gettin caught in the fold and getting folded too…]. If you don’t have a eyelid fold you can place the dot where ever you like. Also it’s important you do it with your eyes open so that you’ll know exactly where the line is going to end up.

From eyeliner tut

Connect the mark or dot back to the end of the lashline

From eyeliner tut

Fill in the wing so it makes a smooth transition back to the lashline

From eyeliner tut

This is what it looks like open. My eyelid fold makes it so that even if i made the line super thick, you can’t see it while my eyes are open. And it also makes it even more crucial that I have a good eyeshadow base!

From eyeliner tut

Hope that helps! Remember, practice makes perfect! 🙂

Is Mineral Makeup Drying to the Skin?

I always wondered why when I wake up in the morning, my t-zone is oily and my cheeks are normal BUT when I come home from a day of wearing makeup, my whole face will be oily. I think my makeup is the cause…

I found this article on the Viva Woman blog saying that mineral makeup actually has ingredients that cause skin to be oily. Now every magazine or makeup how-to book say that to combat oil throughout the day, use powder on your face. So I thought I was doing the right thing by using a powder foundation, but I guess mineral makeup wasn’t what they had in mind. They say it’s due to the ingredients in mineral makeup that act as a sunscreen such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The article says that even Paula Begoun, the “cosmetics cop,” warns against the drying effects of mineral makeup.

I’m sure not every brand of mineral makeup has these ingredients, and there are brands like Silk Naturals which contains silk that is a hydrating ingredient. Maybe mineral makeup should be reserved for those with more normal type skin. I’ve been thinking about using liquid foundation for a while now, but I never had a concrete reason to make a switch…until now. I still want to try out the Silk Naturals foundation, since it has silk in it, but for now I’m not touching the current mineral foundation I have! Because I don’t want to take the risk. It makes a lot of sense to me because it seems that the more mineral foundation I put on my face, the more oiliness I would have later on.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer one type of foundation over another? Does anyone know of a good liquid foundation I should try? 🙂

The best invention since sliced bread

Equate Facial Cleansing Towlettes [from Walmart]

From equate

If you’re looking for great face wipes, look no further. I love these things so much, if it was man I would marry it! Haha uhh…..anyway…

Product Blurb
These Facial Cleansing Towlettes are the easiest, most effective way to get a complete skin care regimen. Use daily to deep clean skin and thoroughly remove make-up, dirt and impurities. Your skin is refreshed and toned (to minimize pores), while also nourished and moisturized. No rinsing necessary.
– With Chamomile, Vitamin E & Triple Tea Complex
– Fresh Clean Frangrance
– Alcohol & Oil Free
– Hypoallergenic
– Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested
– Safe for contact lens wearers

I agree with all the claims above! Except afterwards I would still prefer to use a moisturizer still, but when I used it without a moisturizer before, my face didn’t feel tight and dry. I don’t mind the scent, except it takes a while for the scent to fade. I didn’t feel like they left a residue on my face afterwards. I would use this 1-2 times per week for lazy days or if I was travelling. I hear some opt to use it everyday, which I think would be ok, although I wouldn’t know for sure if this can totally be a whole skincare routine and I personally don’t want to eat through 365 or more of these in a year. Although if I did, it wouldn’t be expensive because it’s the Walmart brand! I have the travel pack because I just wanted a small pack while I was tryin it out, but I’ll definitely get the bigger one when I run out.

They have face wipes like Olay Daily Facials where you need to wet the wipes yourself, and they have pre-wet wipes. So make sure you’re getting the right one cuz they’re right next to each other on the shelf!

Did I mention they’re cheap?! I loooove these! 5/5 all the way!

Warriors FOTD and Ulta Eyeshadow Base

We went to go watch the Warriors play the Kings!


From warriors011409

Oh yeh, my hair is dark brown now! Like chocolate! mmmm

Please stand for the national anthem

From warriors011409

YO! It’s Yao haha

From warriors011409

Sad cuz we lost. We’ll get em next time!

From warriors011409

I used the game as an opportunity to test out the Ulta Eyeshadow Base

The UDPP side performed well as it normally does. There is darkness in the outer v that looks like smudging, but I actually put black eyeshadow there. On the Ulta side, we have some smudging, you can see where the eyeliner transfered to my lid. Also there is some fading and creasing towards the inner part of the lid. Even though the Ulta base didn’t live up to the Urban Decay PP, I was surprised at its performance. I was expecting all my eyeshadow to be melted by the time I got back from the game. The pics were taken 6 hours after application. So obviously the Ulta base isn’t as good as the UDPP, but for everyday wear I think it would be ok. I’ll consider buying my own, not quite sure yet. but it’s only $7.00 at Ulta so it won’t break the bank. Oh, if you’re goin to try to look for it at Ulta, they put it with all the eyeshadows, its like in the first or second slot and it has the same packaging as the eyeshadows so look for the only one that looks creamy!

My First MAC

This is the first MAC product that I bought for myself! And being the bargain crazed woman that I am, of course I got it at CCO! Like chyeah, of course! And of course I only bought one thing! Cuz I’m broke! Of course

Here it is, I have to admit the packaging just might make up for the fact that it’s out of my price range…

From macslimshine

Wooo, it’s a beauty! Can you tell I never buy high-end things…goodnesss

From macslimshine

And yeah, I took the pics while the boyfriend was pumping gas. That’s what you call blogging on the run!


From macslimshine

Sorry about the huge shadow. But you get the idea right, like MLBB [my lips but better], neutral-y color. It’s sorda darker in person though, but that’s what it looks like when the sun hits it.

xsparkage Smokey

I looooooooove this look! [from xsparkage‘s youtube channel]

This is what I imagine smokey eyes should look like in my dreams! AND I figured out why my smokey eyes don’t have that transparent smokey look like she has. It’s because she starts with a shimmering skintone type color and highlighter on brow and then puts the darker colors on top [oh, lightbulb!]. But not too much darkness. I love it, it’s sexy and easy and goood! Who says an old dog can’t learn new trickks… 🙂