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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!! Did you have a good new years eve? I did, I watched fireworks off the Embarcadero in San Francisco with my babes and my cousin and new friends. It was soo nice!

This is what I got from the VS semi-annual sale

From vshaul

The shadow looks like its in a liquid liner type packaging, so I thought it would be a cream shadow, but its actually powder inside, with a sponge tip applicator. This will be great for highlighting the tear duct and the applicator is already included so I don’t need a separate brush.

From vshaul
From vshaul

The Beauty Rush lipglosses are very sheer, almost like a clear gloss on my lips. They both contain shimmer, but it’s subtle once on the lips. The snowplum [pink] has a weird scent that I can’t describe and the spicee apple [beige] has a bubble-gum sorda scent. One caveat to the beauty rush glosses are that they are REALLY STICKY, but I’m drawn to them because they are affordable, have a wide color selection, moisturizing and since they are so sticky, they’ll stay on your lips foreverr.

From vshaul

And because of the sale I got each item for $1.75 each! 😀 They normally cost $7.00 if you only buy one and then the price changes if you buy 2 or 3, like 2 for $12 or 3 for $15…I think those are the prices. I went to a different Victoria’s secret and found another beauty rush gloss and it was like a pina colada flavor and the color was a shimmery light brown and I wanted it, but I didn’t want to wait in line just to buy one thing. Oh well, I still have my first BR lip gloss [tastes and looks like apricot] and I’m still working on it!

Oh yeah and I think it’s really cool that the lip gloss is swirled in the tube. How do they do that?? It’s amazing…


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