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Winged Liner Tutorial

I aplogize in advance if the directions are hard to understand, but hopefully the pictures help! Here’s how I learned to wing out my eyeliner…

Line the upper lashline. the outer half of the lashline should be thicker than the inner to make a cat eye kind of shape

From eyeliner tut

With your eyes open, looking straight ahead, make a mark on the outside of where your eyelid fold is [because you don’t want the line gettin caught in the fold and getting folded too…]. If you don’t have a eyelid fold you can place the dot where ever you like. Also it’s important you do it with your eyes open so that you’ll know exactly where the line is going to end up.

From eyeliner tut

Connect the mark or dot back to the end of the lashline

From eyeliner tut

Fill in the wing so it makes a smooth transition back to the lashline

From eyeliner tut

This is what it looks like open. My eyelid fold makes it so that even if i made the line super thick, you can’t see it while my eyes are open. And it also makes it even more crucial that I have a good eyeshadow base!

From eyeliner tut

Hope that helps! Remember, practice makes perfect! 🙂

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  1. Wow, so that’s how you make it! duh I have always wonder a way to always having the continuation of the line perfect, and you can really do it! I gotta work it out. Thanks!!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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