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Maybelline Intense XXL

I’m never usually picky with my mascaras. I even used to dig the infamous pink and green tube back in the day. I’ve never met a mascara that made my lashes look like crazy spider legs until now…

From MaybXXL

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves


Sorry, kinda blurry..

From MaybXXL


From MaybXXL

From the front

From MaybXXL

The mascara has two sides, the white [but dries to be almost transparent] primer and the regular black mascara side. I believe both sides have microfibers to add length. I was excited to try this because I never had a mascara with a primer before. I thought that if a regular mascara can add definition to my lashes, imagine what a primer would do! However, I was utterly disappointed. It was hard to apply when normally I don’t have an issue applying mascara. No matter what I did, it would just look messy. The worst part is, it would flake and make it to my cheeks in the middle of the day! So yeah, I’m still gonna use it for a couple more months I guess, but that’s cuz I’m the type who can’t bear to throw things away haha. I only bought it a month ago! I might as well try to use up some of it until I move on to the next mascara. I guess it will do as long as no one looks too closely at my lashes!

Oh yeah and it seems to take the curl out of my lashes too…dang, this is such a negative review, Maybelline probably hates me right now hahah. I would give it a 2 nuts out of 5 sadly. Oh yeah and I decided to have my rating scale according to nuts because I’m NUTS for makeup right? [I need to make a cute icon for the nuts, or someone needs to make one for me…hah, cuz graphic design is not my strong point]. haha and I can’t use lippies cuz that’s MAkeupAlley…


Cetaphil [and it’s knockoff] Review

HI EVERYBODY! i’m back!

From cetaphil

i have a review on Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and also the Target Cetaphil knockoff which is almost exactly the same. They have the same ingredients in the same order, and it feels very similar too. I started using it just cuz my Olay [you know they used to call it Oil of Olay and they don’t anymore…that makes me feel old for some reason haha] Moisture Balancing foaming cleanser was running low and I wanted to try new things just to break the monotony of using the same cleanser…I don’t actually have a good reason to change cleansers, I actually really like the Olay one. And it’s cheap…yeh. But anyway!

This cleanser has a ridiculous amount of reviews on MakeupAlley and it doesn’t necessarily have a high repurchase percentage but I think it’s cuz of the consistency of the wash. It’s like a lotion, and it does not lather or foam whatsoever. I think that’s part of why it’s so gentle. And I think people probably either love that it doesn’t foam or they hate it.  Also in my experience it’s not the best at removing makeup.

From cetaphil

I initially was using the Cetaphil because it’s winter and I wanted to wash my face twice a day without it being stripped so I started using the Cetaphil and it worked GREAT for the morning when my face isn’t so dirty to begin with. And then I started using it at night and I was really skeptical about if it would be able to handle the dirt, oil, sunblock, and makeup from the day and guess what….after using it for about a couple weeks, morning and night, I started breaking out! In small pimples all over my face, small red ones and whiteheads too. ARghhh, those were totally not there before I started using it at night. So basically I just use it for the morning now and it’s good for that. And I’m so glad that I could just use the Target one since Cetaphil is sorda pricey for a drugstore facewash. Like the lowest I have seen it is 10, sometimes 12 bucks and yeah it’s not super expensive, but the Target one is a better deal. For a morning facewash I would give it a 5 out of 5. For a night facewash I would give it a 3 out of 5.

What I’m Using Right Now Tag

What I’m using right now Tag!!

Like in Fafinettex3 and Tao’s blogs
I’m doing this off the top of my head so I don’t know the exact names of things sometimes


Shampoo – Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo < smells heavenly!

Conditioner – Suave Professionals [the one comparable to Biolage] or Tigi Fashionista [just to use it up]

Hair Mask – Coconut oil and Well In-Depth…I should review the Wella sometime, it’s awesome!

Styling Products – Vo5 Heat Protectant spray [smells really good], Redken water wax, silicone based hair serums [ I use them to detangle my hair cuz it gets sooo tangled after a shower], I have samples of like 4 different ones [like Biosilk and Citre Shine] and I have John Frieda frizz-ease and they all seem to work the same haha


Body Wash – Suave daily exfoliating, the one in the white bottle

Body Moisturizer – Baby lotion + olive oil < saved my legs!

Anti Perspirent – Mitchum for Women, the flower scent, it smells really good

Fake Tan – I used to use the Jergens natural glow back in the day when i wanted to be tan!


Makeup Remover – Cold Cream for eye makeup, Target makeup remover [the oil free one], or I use any oils like olive..mineral..jojoba, whatever

Cleanser – Olay Moisture Balancing is Holy Grail. i think they changed the packaging of it and now they call it foaming wash for sensitive skin….i think. I’m testing out Purpose face wash right now

Exfoliator – Aspirin mask

Mask – Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask, I just used this last night too!


Primer – Monistat anti-chafing gel

Foundation – None at the moment, but I’ll get back into it when my no buy is over haha

Concealer – Maybelline Age Rewind concealer from the Dollar Store, it’s discontinued though! Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette for blemishes

Powder – I just got some MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural. Damn that’s a long name! But I have to test out the Purpose face wash before I put something new on my face

Blush – Everyday Minerals ‘All Smiles’, and I dunno…I kinda use anything

Bronzer – BE ‘warmth’ I’m just trying to use it up. I’d like to try something different though

Highlighter – Eyeko 5-in-1 cake eyshadow cuz it’s shimmery and this one Ten Beauty eyeshadow that’s shimmery, it’s like a champagne color

Eyebase – UDPP when I need my eye makeup to really last. But even that creases on me…my eyelids suck!

Eyeshadow – Random, mineral shadows or Milani or NYX

Eyeliner – Rimmel Undergrond liquid liner, Coastal Scents gel liner [ I don’t love it though! It could be better]

Curler – Curler from Daiso, I’m lookin to get a new one

Mascara – Im using the Maybelline XXL the black and white tube, I don’t love it either

Lipstick – Trying to use up this Rimmel lipstick I have, it’s a pinky brown shade, plus Burt’s Bees chapstick

Gloss – MAC Lipglasses, Revlon Mix n Mingle, Milani glosses

Nail Varnish – I use Wet n Wild and NYC haha, hey it’s only 99 cents!

I tag Anna , and Aireen and uh yeah, everyone! 🙂

Valentine’s FOTD

From valentines09

Photos by JR Ignacio

This is kinda like a face of the day… at least you’re seeing my face! I did a simple valentines look because we just went out to eat lunch to avoid the dinner crowds. I used a mostly matte cream colored shadow all over the lid and then a taupe, but more on the gray side, shadow all over the lid, concentrating on the contour. Then liquid liner and red lips! That’s it, easy.

We ate at a place called Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

The food was pretty tasty! Here’s the coconut shrimp

From valentines09

Spaghetti clams with white sauce

From valentines09

Blvd Burger, it’s a cheeseburger with Thousand Island dressing and grilled onions

From valentines09

Looking at my valentine’s goodies with that one dinosaur from Barney. He was swimming in a sea of candy that was inside the bag. There was Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars, my favorite!

From valentines09

We made steaks, wait no, FILET MIGNON for dinner! With mushroom gravy, yummm

From valentines09

Hope everyone had a fun Valentines! I know I did! 🙂

“From One Broke College Student to Another”

HAHA that’s what she said when she gave me the gift. But coming from a broke college student, she managed to get me some awesome stuff!

From from anna

Body butter, cuz my boyfriend was gonna buy me body butter but he failed in doing so hahah

Kabuki brush, I was thinking about getting a new, larger kabuki too! She just read my mind!

Maybelline Line Stylist lipliner in pink. I like that it’s pink, but slightly brown so it’s natural too

Perfume samples Prada and SJP Covet

NYX Round Lipstick in Circe, YAY it’s nude and it’s NYX! This will probably only make me want to buy more

MAC pigment samples! and a sample of CS silica powder

*not pictured* this cute travel case of 5 gram jars and mini squeeze bottles filled with different hair serums! Ah I love it! And one of the jars has MAC brush cleanser in it…so I can wash one brush, LOL. I love you Anna! By the way she has a blog of her own and has cool posts and she actually uses MAC stuff and does a lot of FOTDs of which I am too broke and lazy to do haha.

From from anna

From left to right:
MAC pigments in Fairy Lite, Pinked Mauve, Sweet Sienna, Off the Radar

These swatches remind me why people buy MAC pigments which give you a ridiculous amount you can’t use up and are not even cheap at the same time….cuz the colors are freakin gorgeousss! I don’t even wear orange eyeshadow ever but that Off the Radar is sexy, I’m gonna have to use it in a look one of these days!

CS Silica Not to be Used Alone on the Face!!

Remember when I said that Coastal Scents and TKB Trading sell silica powder that is a cheaper alternative to MUFE HD Powder? I take it back! Turns out it’s not so healthy when used alone and is only supposed to be used in “small amounts” in formulations for mineral makeup. Watch the video from Ericaleigh777‘s youtube>>

So if you choose to continue to use it, at least dilute the silica with something else, like some other finishing powder that is ready to use.

Sephora B-day Gift

All you have to do is sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider card! It’s not a credit card, but you will get perks for being a member, for example they give you a gift for your b-day! This year it’s a mini Sephora lipgloss trio. It’s super cute! Either last year or two years ago it was a deluxe sample of Bliss body lotion. No purchase necessary.

From sephora bday
From sephora bday
From sephora bday

The lipglosses aren’t as sticky as MAC lipglass and they taste like Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper which I’m not a huge fan of, but whatever.

Some random pics from my b-day…it was a few weeks ago, but I never blogged about it.

mmmmmmm candlesssss

From bday09

The look on my face conveys how good it smells

From bday09


From bday09

I have another birthday related blog to post about special gifts from a special friend…hahah, who is probably reading this right now! 😉