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Maybelline Intense XXL

I’m never usually picky with my mascaras. I even used to dig the infamous pink and green tube back in the day. I’ve never met a mascara that made my lashes look like crazy spider legs until now…

From MaybXXL

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves


Sorry, kinda blurry..

From MaybXXL


From MaybXXL

From the front

From MaybXXL

The mascara has two sides, the white [but dries to be almost transparent] primer and the regular black mascara side. I believe both sides have microfibers to add length. I was excited to try this because I never had a mascara with a primer before. I thought that if a regular mascara can add definition to my lashes, imagine what a primer would do! However, I was utterly disappointed. It was hard to apply when normally I don’t have an issue applying mascara. No matter what I did, it would just look messy. The worst part is, it would flake and make it to my cheeks in the middle of the day! So yeah, I’m still gonna use it for a couple more months I guess, but that’s cuz I’m the type who can’t bear to throw things away haha. I only bought it a month ago! I might as well try to use up some of it until I move on to the next mascara. I guess it will do as long as no one looks too closely at my lashes!

Oh yeah and it seems to take the curl out of my lashes too…dang, this is such a negative review, Maybelline probably hates me right now hahah. I would give it a 2 nuts out of 5 sadly. Oh yeah and I decided to have my rating scale according to nuts because I’m NUTS for makeup right? [I need to make a cute icon for the nuts, or someone needs to make one for me…hah, cuz graphic design is not my strong point]. haha and I can’t use lippies cuz that’s MAkeupAlley…


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  1. * Traclyn Yeoh says:

    I love this mascara too. It’s volumes my lashes in no time…

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago
  2. * anna says:

    so funny. man christy, you dont need mascara, just curl them, cuz i am jealous of your long lashes!!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago
  3. * Senna says:

    I agree with Anna, your lashes look great without applying anything to them (*giving you a jealous look right now*)…
    I have also tried some mascaras with primers and find that I don’t like most of them either. For now I am just keeping it to my regular mascara until something new and better comes along. xx

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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