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Purple FOTD

I hope I don’t have another post titled Purple FOTD..I’m not so creative when it comes to blog titles haha.

I used the same purple elf eyeshadow quad in “silver lining” that I used on Christmas except this time I applied a neutral colored shadow all over the lid before applying the other colors so it would be toned down for daytime.

From MaybXXL
From MaybXXL

I don’t like this picture of me, but my hair looks sleek! yay!

From MaybXXL

On another note, Lent is upon us and for those who are not familiar with lent it is a period of 40 days and 40 nights [yeah, like that movie with Josh Hartnett!] where you give something up that you normally do or have everyday [for example, coffee for some people]. I’m not what you would call religious, I just participate in Lent because I’m weird and I think it’s fun to test my willpower haha. For Lent this year I gave up Youtube and reading beauty blogs because I noticed that I go on Youtube and read beauty blogs practically every day when I should be doing homework or something more productive. So it sucks because I can’t keep up on all your guys’ blogs and stuff. but I know the posts are still gonna be there when I get back and I allowed myself to blog which is a good thing because I need to try to update this thing regularly instead of randomly. So, did you give up anything for Lent?


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  1. * JR says:

    i gave up fast food. and FAILED. yay.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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