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Lemme Upgrade You

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new baby…my new Canon SD890 IS. Her name is Cammy. Yes, she’s a girl.

From cammy

This is the piece o’ crap I was previously using. I blame it for all my bad pictures…

From cammy

But new camera is soo pretty haha. That’s what I like best about it. And it has image stabilization so I don’t have to take a bunch of pictures only to find out they’re all blurry. The only gripe I have, is the power button which is like weirdly embedded into the camera. It could be hard to press if you had big fingers or short nails. And my friend pointed out that it seems like the button might get stuck too, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.

From cammy

I loooooove my camera! I love it so much that I’m paranoid that it’s gonna get scratched up or dropped. I guess that’s a con too, that my camera is so cute that if it gets a mark on it I’ll faint or something. Haha I’m about to find some camera skins and protect my camera like grandma’s protect their couches.

And I got it from this website, B&H Photo, which was recommended to be a fellow photo enthusiast. The prices are awesome and the site is reliable, I received my package in about a week, and they don’t add sales tax!

And here is the link to the camera that I bought, in case you’re curious. Canon SD890 IS



again. haha. change is good

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Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Liners

I know these Jane liners isn’t big news to many, but it’s new to me because I just got them! So I’ll just put in my two cents about it, since my opinion seems to differ from other bloggers about these particular liners…

Here are the Jane liners with the Coastal Scents liner in the middle. The Jane gives you 0.17 oz/5 g. of product while CS is 0.11 oz/3 g. so with CS you get a little less. They cost about the same, but if you can get the Jane ones on BOGO, then they you’re really only pay a few bucks each!

From 041809

This picture was taken with flash

From 041809

Without flash

From 041809

I feel like the CS liner is a bit more pigmented than the Jane black one. The one gripe I have with the Jane liners is that their texture is super dry! I really have to work my brush in the liner for a while to get product onto my brush and it makes it harder to apply too because its like tryin to put a dry pencil eyeliner on your eyes and it skips places and you gotta go over it twice to get good color. I mean I guess I should have expected that since these are basically the cheapest gel liners out there [oh wait, now that I think about it Wet n Wild has cheap ones too! never tried them though], but it seems others have had better luck with them. I did not care for the brush, the bristles are not in a straight line, like some parts are thicker than others so it makes for imprecise application. However I’m decided to use these Jane brushes as a backup eyebrow brush, so that’s cool.

I continue to use the Jane liners because I had a bad experience swapping so I didn’t really want to do that [unless someone can make me an offer I can’t refuse! haha] and I like the brown color! It’s hard to use, but I still try to make it work cuz otherwise I would need to buy another brown gel liner in a different brand. So yeah, they’re ok. Good for beginners… I have a feeling that you would have to use the liner pretty much daily so that the top doesn’t dry out and get like a dry skin that you have to break through to get to the more moist liner underneath it. I would give the Jane gel liners a 7/10 nuts. The price is good, pigmentation is good, it’s just the texture that’s EH to me. I don’t think I would repurchase though haha sorry.

And in an effort to make up for lack of posting, I have a FOTD for you all too! So I was going to visit my friend and they were gonna have a going away party for her cousin during the daytime so this was my FOTD

I kept it neutral and light since it was in the afternoon. Oh yeh and I used the NYC white eyeliner on my waterline, so I don’t know if you can tell but it really opens up my eyes!

From 041809

I forgot to apply mascara before, but this is after mascara

From 041809

Face Products:
– Revlon Colorstay in Fresh beige on t-zone, Medium beige on cheeks

– Neutral Estee Lauder quad with grey, brown, shimmery tan and matte cream

– MAC Elegant Peach lipglass [LE] on top of NYX Circe

I did the matte color all over, then the grey in the contour, some brown in the crease and the tan on my lid under the contour. It’s boring haha and it’s what I do almost every time.

From 041809
From 041809

This is my friend Audrey, the one who’s house I went to. I love her and I wish we could see each other more often, unfortunately our schools are 2 hours away from each other!

From 041809

She let me trim her bangs

From 041809

And she let me do her eye makeup! Super gorgeous!

From 041809

I hope she doesn’t mind me posting these HAHA. Don’t worry audge, you’re a star! Oh yeah, my bruise in that pic…you wouldn’t believe me if I told you where I got it. So Yeah haha

I have my “monthly visitor” so it’s kinda a yucky day for me, but I’m gonna try to enjoy the sunshine anyway! YES SUN FINALLY! Hope you enjoy your day too!

Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail at!

Happy Easter!

And for those who don’t celebrate “easter,” happy hunting for chocolate eggs day!

My family ordered some crispy pata [deep fried pork leg, it’s a Filipino delicacy!] and it was soooo fatty and delicious.

I have a short review on N.Y.C. eyeliner pencils!

From NYCliners

The last time I bought a NYC eyeliner I think I was in middle school, but I wanted to try them out again because the waterproof pencils were getting good reviews on MUA. The pencils were surprisingly more pigmented than I remember from before. I was especially happy with the black and the white pencil I got. The brown, I was originally gonna use it as a brown eyeliner, but I found it wasn’t dark enough for my liking so I started using it for my brows and it turned out good because I can get a fuller brow with pencil than with powder.

From NYCliners

Here is an EOTD where I used all 3 of the pencils

From NYCliners

I used the white on my waterline to make eyes appear bigger or less tired. I lined my bottom lashline with a bit of black and used the brown on my eyebrows.

I’m glad i didn’t go ahead and buy the Sephora eyeliner pencils that I was eyeing because the regular wood eyeliner from NYC costs a dollar and the waterproof one costs around 4 dollars versus the Sephora ones which cost $5-$8. I might still pick up a brown one from Sephora though. I would definately repurchase these and I love that you can buy it almost anywhere and they’re so cheap!

Revlon Colorstay

Well hello again 😉

From Colorstay

I’m gonna do a review on Revlon Colorstay foundation with Softflex. I’m gonna make it quick-ish because the way I see it is, most people like it, some really don’t so you really have to just try it for yourself and make your own conclusions. I happen to be in the group who likes it!

This was my first venture into liquid foundation and it’s been such a good experience so far. I got the shades fresh beige and medium beige and I’m not too sure about how well they match my skin, because some days I think it’s perfect and others I think it’s off. My favorite part of this foundation is it controls oil! I NEVER had a foundation do that for me before! I mean it can’t completely block the oil, but I feel like at the end of the night my face would be more dewey instead of greasy, which is awesome. The recent FOTDs I’ve been posting [like the last three or so] I was wearing Colorstay. The only thing I don’t like about it is that is a little pricey, I mean if you buy it when it is buy one buy one it’s all good, but if in an emergency or something, I would have to buy it full price, that would kinda suck. I have been applying it with cosmetic sponges so far. I think I’m gonna get another duo fiber brush to apply it with instead so it’s reusable as opposed to the sponges that I throw away each time.

So the Colorstay used to come in a bottle with a pump and when they reformulated it for whatever reason they removed the pump.. because they wanted to make our lives harder? I dunno. So I didn’t like using it by pouring it out because extra would end up on the bottle neck and its just messy so I got some pump containers for it from the japanese store. One [the one on the left] is cool because it’s a vacuum pump so everytime you pump, the bottom of the container will rise too, like it pushes the product up if you can imagine what I mean. So that means nothing goes to waste! I love that!

From Colorstay

You like my ghetto labeling system? I don’t have tape at my house! Only post-its haha

From Colorstay

Custom Nail Polish!

I stumbled upon this blog where someone creates her won nail polish colors and I thought it was freaking genius! And yeh I sorda broke my lent thing at the same time, but at least it got me to post right? 🙂

The blog is drfrankenpolish and it’s called “franken-ing” because you take a bunch of little parts and put them together to make something new! I thought this was a great way to get colors I can’t find at the store or to finally use polish that is sitting around being wasted.

I started with these colors. As you can see I used cheap Jordana nail polishes and a Bath and Body Works polish that is really old and I think I only used it like 3 times before I was tired of it. The last color on the far right is a really cheapy polish from one of those makeup kit things. The base is the light color on the far left, its a sheer shimmery color and I didn’t realize it was sheer until swatching it later…

From franken1

I was going for a taupe color or “greige” as nail polish connoisseurs like to call it. But instead I ended up with a sorda lavender color. I guess the base had a lot of purple undertones I wasn’t aware of.

From franken1
From franken1

I added a real purple color to it later because I didn’t want it to be so sheer. This is what 3 coats looks like…

From franken1

Exciting right?! And it’s a good way to recycle polish bottles by cleaning them out with nail polish remover so you could make an all new color inside or using a partially full bottle and adding to it.

No Inspiration

I don’t know what to write about! I’m having writer’s black and starting a post and then I don’t like the post and I haven’t been buying a lot of makeup lately either…I’m stuck. Sorry guys, let’s hope I snap outta it soon!