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Revlon Colorstay

Well hello again 😉

From Colorstay

I’m gonna do a review on Revlon Colorstay foundation with Softflex. I’m gonna make it quick-ish because the way I see it is, most people like it, some really don’t so you really have to just try it for yourself and make your own conclusions. I happen to be in the group who likes it!

This was my first venture into liquid foundation and it’s been such a good experience so far. I got the shades fresh beige and medium beige and I’m not too sure about how well they match my skin, because some days I think it’s perfect and others I think it’s off. My favorite part of this foundation is it controls oil! I NEVER had a foundation do that for me before! I mean it can’t completely block the oil, but I feel like at the end of the night my face would be more dewey instead of greasy, which is awesome. The recent FOTDs I’ve been posting [like the last three or so] I was wearing Colorstay. The only thing I don’t like about it is that is a little pricey, I mean if you buy it when it is buy one buy one it’s all good, but if in an emergency or something, I would have to buy it full price, that would kinda suck. I have been applying it with cosmetic sponges so far. I think I’m gonna get another duo fiber brush to apply it with instead so it’s reusable as opposed to the sponges that I throw away each time.

So the Colorstay used to come in a bottle with a pump and when they reformulated it for whatever reason they removed the pump.. because they wanted to make our lives harder? I dunno. So I didn’t like using it by pouring it out because extra would end up on the bottle neck and its just messy so I got some pump containers for it from the japanese store. One [the one on the left] is cool because it’s a vacuum pump so everytime you pump, the bottom of the container will rise too, like it pushes the product up if you can imagine what I mean. So that means nothing goes to waste! I love that!

From Colorstay

You like my ghetto labeling system? I don’t have tape at my house! Only post-its haha

From Colorstay

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