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LUSH Has Crack In It!

At least that’s my theory for why people go GAGA over this stuff! And now I’m one of them! This is my haul, I only got two things cuz man….it’s expensive haha

From lush1

I got the Aquamarina cleanser and Mange Too massage bar!

I’ll describe the massage bar first. It’s a bar of solid cocoa butter, that melts from body warmth so you could use the bar directly on the body to massage or let it melt in your hands and then apply to body. I got it because I wanted something super moisturizing to use on my legs, so that when I bare my legs in the summer they can shine in the sun hahah. I picked this one especially because it smells like white chocolate…well I guess all their massage bars smell like white chocolate since they are made out of cocoa butter, but the other ones had other flavors mixed in too. And I can smell something else in the Mange bar and I couldn’t really place my finger on what it was, but I read later that it’s supposed to have peppermint in it so I guess that’s what it is. It smells so so good! I got my mom to try it out too and she liked it 🙂 i dunno if I would trust it though as a moisturizer on its own [like on dry skin], but it should help lock in moisture after a shower or if you layer it over lotion. Oh yeah and the Mange bar seems like a better deal for the price cuz they are all around $7-$9 and the Mange was $9.75 for 3.5 ounces and some bars are like the same price, but much smaller.

Now onto the Aquamarina

From lush1

So being a Lush noob, I didn’t realize this wasn’t a soap when I bought it and when I went to use it I expected soap, but it’s really more like clay. On the Lush forums they describe these roll types of cleansers as “squidgy” haha. It doesn’t lather whatsoever, and you kinda just rub the stuff across your face and it leaves behind a white film and the film is kinda hard to rinse off! Like..actually really hard to rinse off. Not everyone has this experience though so maybe if I exfoliate beforehand then it can’t stick to my face, so I’m gonna try that out next. A lot of people will describe the scent of Aquamarina as fishy, and I guess I can see how they would think that, but mine doesn’t smell fishy to me, but more like it came from the ocean, probably due to the seaweed. The clay part smells like old lady floral, but I don’t hate it! I think I’m getting used to these weird, natural, LUSH scents. It’s really addicting!

I recently came to the conclusion that I have sensitive skin, after thinking my whole life that my skin wasn’t sensitive. But then I started thinking why is my skin always red or pinkish? And then I thought maybe my skin is sensitive or even has a mild form of rosacea. That’s why I picked out Aquamarina because it’s supposed to be soothing to sensitive skin and reduce redness because of the calamine in it. So far I think it has helped with my redness. A con though is I can see how it could be drying since one of the main ingredients is kaolin clay, and the first time I used it I really had a problem rinsing and my skin ended up feeling tight later. I want to try Dark Angels next! The sales associate recommended it to me, but they sold out at the store I went to.

LePooke did a video about how if you order LUSH from the UK it’s cheaper cuz they price their stuff a LOT cheaper over there for some reason. Maybe over there it’s really normal to buy lush like, “oh it’s just LUSH” haha I dunno!

So there you have it, my new obsession. Please help me so I don’t buy up the whole store!


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation + FOTD

From Rimmel

I got my hands on some Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation and I’m kinda torn about whether or not I like this foundation. Compared to the Revlon Colorstay, it does not apply as smoothly. The Rimmel foundation was blotchy looking and accentuated dry spots. In the picture below I have CS on most of my face and Rimmel on my forehead. It also looks really dark in the tube, but once applied it is lighter. I think the shade I got might still be a tad light for me, but the other choices I had at Walgreens at the time seemed to be a worse match than what I chose so I figured I could balance out the lightness with bronzer. As for staying power, I think it holds up pretty well. I admit I only tried it out twice, but both those times were for a party situation when I needed my makeup to be reliable and it didn’t disappoint me. I actually think that the Lasting Finish looks better after it settles with your skin. So even though the review may sound terrible, I don’t think this is a bad foundation, but if i was really seriously buying a foundation I would stick with the Colorstay and if it was like an emergency situation I would pick up the Rimmel.

I did this look a couple weeks ago to go to a party and I made the liner pretty dramatic for a more funky look. On my lips I don’t remember exactly what I used but I know I used my Wet n Wild hot pink lipstick plus a gloss.

From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209

TKB Trading Eyeshadow Kit

*PIC HEAVY* well, at least for me it’s pic heavy…haha

$19.00 from

You get:

From TBK

Gloves, Spatulas, plastic baggies

From TBK

Eyeshadow brush

From TBK

Dust mask [i got the kitty one, YESSS!]

From TBK

8 jars, lids, sifters [top view]

From TBK

[side view]

From TBK

Matte texture Base

From TBK

Pop Mica colors

From TBK

To reach the 19.50 minimum, I also ordered a sample of titanium dioxide, which is a matte white

From TBK

This is the difference in color between the matte texture base [L] vs. the titanium dioxide[R]. The titanium dioxide is more opaque

From TBK

I want to order other matte colors too so that I can have a wider range of finishes for my eyeshadows and to give them more depth. If you go under the crafts section of the site and click on “This That”, you can add the Freebie Sampler to your cart. It is the stuff that they allow you to have 1 each for free, for example mini tweezers, a small travel brush…etc.

From TBK

Do Crest Whitestrips Work?

I decided my teeth needed an intervention. I decided to try the Crest Whitestrips Classic because I tried them before a long time ago, except that two other family members shared a box with me, so you can imagine we each would not see a dramatic difference. So I’m giving it another go, with my very own box this time! i bought this kit a wihle ago, almost 2 weeks ago, but I have to admit I haven’t been consistent in using it because 1) I’m lazy and 2) it started to make my teeth sensitive so i needed to get toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Here are my results so far! And I would like to say that I don’t think my teeth were THAT YELLOW when I first started, but the lighting in my room is really yellow and so…yeh. I really should just take my progress pictures in the afternoon from now on huh? Hahah

From crest
From crest

I already am starting to see a difference! So I’m gonna give it another week, I don’t know how many times I’ll be able to use it during that time, but I’ll update next week!

I stumbled upon this site through the Makeup Masala Blog*, where she mentioned their cocoa butter lip balms. They looked good enough to eat and that’s what made me curious about the site.

Cocoa Butter Dry Lip Balm

Cocoa Butter Dry Lip Balm

And then when I was looking around some more I saw that they have makeup organizers, which is another thing I’ve been lemming lately! And they have one of those cool lipstick organizers for only $11.99!

And thenn when I was looking at their makeup brush section, they had a bunch of odd brushes that I have never seen before. Check out the lambswool paddle! It looks crazy and luxurious…crazy luxurious. Could be useful too…

I never bought anything from them before, but now I’m very tempted to, haha. Well if anyone has had any experience with this site, let me know.

* This blogger also has her own beauty store where she [at least I’m assuming it’s a female blogger, you never know though!] sells NYX, e.l.f., gel liners, and false eyelashes to name a few, so there’s another etailer to check out! I love that the prices fit my budget and that you don’t have to spend a lot to qualify for free shipping either! Which is awesome for people like me who can’t participate in the MAC friends and family sale ...POOP!

Happy shopping!


I noticed I hardly buy any makeup nowadays because of trying to save money and use the things that I have, but I decided to make a lemmings list anyway for your reading pleasure and my convenience! haha

* Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation – They say it’s comparable to Revlon Colorstay, but for about half the price!
* Egyptian Magic Cream – I’m getting sucked into all the youtube reviews about it. But I don’t want to go ahead and buy it for 30 bucks and have it not work or something.
* Brush set – I feel like if I just got a set it would be more economical than buying each individual brush I need and I would like a case to go with it too, but at the same time there’s other brushes like the duo fiber that don’t come in sets and I would still have to order it anyway. I know that Coastal Scents would be the cheapest option, but I’m tryin to spread my money around to smaller companies too!
* I want a bunch of stuff from Fyrinnae – I want to try their eyeshadow primer, I believe it’s only 5 bucks a tube. They have a black lip gloss type thing that I want to put on top of red lipsticks because it makes them deeper and “vampy” looking. They have brushes made with bamboo handles so that’s good for the environment! Oh and they have this thing called the Powder Modifier that you can use to press your shadows and they say it will work to revive dried out gel liner! And I want their cosmetic glitter, they have pretty colors and it reminds me of the MAC glitters. And their shipping prices are very very reasonable!
* pink lipstick – Believe or not I don’t yet own a natural looking pink lipstick. All the shades i have are kinda brown or kinda peach or whatever, but not just pink.
* matching bedsheets – haha ok I know not makeup related, but never in my life did I ever have bedsheets that match, they are always all random and I feel like it’s finally time to get some nice sheets and treat my bed with respect instead of like a desk/dinner table
* matte white eyeshadow – I have some from Adorned with Grace minerals and it’s the best brow bone highlighter EVER and even though I know I’m not close to finishing it, just the thought of finishing it makes me panic a little. I feel like if I had a big old jar of it then I wouldn’t need to panic anymore haha. I never ordered a full size from them before, how big is the jar? I know it says 5 gram jar, but don’t sample size eyeshadows come in a 5g jar too…

i think that’s it! For now….k, ttyl!