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I noticed I hardly buy any makeup nowadays because of trying to save money and use the things that I have, but I decided to make a lemmings list anyway for your reading pleasure and my convenience! haha

* Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation – They say it’s comparable to Revlon Colorstay, but for about half the price!
* Egyptian Magic Cream – I’m getting sucked into all the youtube reviews about it. But I don’t want to go ahead and buy it for 30 bucks and have it not work or something.
* Brush set – I feel like if I just got a set it would be more economical than buying each individual brush I need and I would like a case to go with it too, but at the same time there’s other brushes like the duo fiber that don’t come in sets and I would still have to order it anyway. I know that Coastal Scents would be the cheapest option, but I’m tryin to spread my money around to smaller companies too!
* I want a bunch of stuff from Fyrinnae – I want to try their eyeshadow primer, I believe it’s only 5 bucks a tube. They have a black lip gloss type thing that I want to put on top of red lipsticks because it makes them deeper and “vampy” looking. They have brushes made with bamboo handles so that’s good for the environment! Oh and they have this thing called the Powder Modifier that you can use to press your shadows and they say it will work to revive dried out gel liner! And I want their cosmetic glitter, they have pretty colors and it reminds me of the MAC glitters. And their shipping prices are very very reasonable!
* pink lipstick – Believe or not I don’t yet own a natural looking pink lipstick. All the shades i have are kinda brown or kinda peach or whatever, but not just pink.
* matching bedsheets – haha ok I know not makeup related, but never in my life did I ever have bedsheets that match, they are always all random and I feel like it’s finally time to get some nice sheets and treat my bed with respect instead of like a desk/dinner table
* matte white eyeshadow – I have some from Adorned with Grace minerals and it’s the best brow bone highlighter EVER and even though I know I’m not close to finishing it, just the thought of finishing it makes me panic a little. I feel like if I had a big old jar of it then I wouldn’t need to panic anymore haha. I never ordered a full size from them before, how big is the jar? I know it says 5 gram jar, but don’t sample size eyeshadows come in a 5g jar too…

i think that’s it! For now….k, ttyl!


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  1. just wanted to chime in if you haven’t already bought a brush set. =]

    i’m sure you’ve heard of them a million times by now, but get the complete sigma brush set w/ the brush roll. it is HANDS down worth it in terms of quality & value. i’ve had mine for about 2 or 3 months now and i HONESTLY love the set more than any of my coastal scents, crown brushes, etc. brushes. =]

    it is DEFINITELY a good investment. =] oh and it DOES include a duo fiber in the set, and it’s actually pretty good! =] if you don’t want the brush roll, you can get the brush set w/o the brush roll which i think is actually significantly cheaper ($20.00 cheaper). the whole brush set w/o the roll is $69.00 plus shipping (which will be $7.00) so it comes out to $76.00… sounds pricey, but divide that by 12 (the number of brushes) and you’re paying $6 and some change a brush… and they are very good brushes! =]

    just wanted to throw that out there if you haven’t found a set to buy yet. that’s hands down the one i would recommend if you haven’t invested in a set yet. =]

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago
    • * nuts4makeup says:

      i was thinkin i wanted some sigma brushes too!! and also a brush roll hahah. i just ordered some elf recently, the studio line, but i still have things missing in my collection 🙂 haha yeh i’m considering gettin some sigma, definately, just gotta save up i guess! at least it’s cheaper than MAC

      oh and HI HOW ARE YOU BTW?! haha

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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