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Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation + FOTD

From Rimmel

I got my hands on some Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation and I’m kinda torn about whether or not I like this foundation. Compared to the Revlon Colorstay, it does not apply as smoothly. The Rimmel foundation was blotchy looking and accentuated dry spots. In the picture below I have CS on most of my face and Rimmel on my forehead. It also looks really dark in the tube, but once applied it is lighter. I think the shade I got might still be a tad light for me, but the other choices I had at Walgreens at the time seemed to be a worse match than what I chose so I figured I could balance out the lightness with bronzer. As for staying power, I think it holds up pretty well. I admit I only tried it out twice, but both those times were for a party situation when I needed my makeup to be reliable and it didn’t disappoint me. I actually think that the Lasting Finish looks better after it settles with your skin. So even though the review may sound terrible, I don’t think this is a bad foundation, but if i was really seriously buying a foundation I would stick with the Colorstay and if it was like an emergency situation I would pick up the Rimmel.

I did this look a couple weeks ago to go to a party and I made the liner pretty dramatic for a more funky look. On my lips I don’t remember exactly what I used but I know I used my Wet n Wild hot pink lipstick plus a gloss.

From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209

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  1. * Camille says:

    Hun, you’re so pretty ! (:
    btw, what shade of the Revlon CS are you using? It’s so hard to find the right match for me >_>

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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