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Eyelid Cleanser

File this under “Things you didn’t know you needed until now”
I stumbled upon this while shopping for ear plugs today [I’m strangely excited about having ear plugs, but that’s a whole other story in itself]…and they are eyelid cleansers! At first I thought to myself, what the heck is an eyelid cleanser? And then I thought to myself, hm, maybe I need that in my life! haha. It’s basically individually wrapped pads soaked in eyelid cleaning solution, or you can opt for just the solution and use your own wiping device. After I looked it up I found out that it’s supposed to help with a condition called blepharitis which is when your eyelash follicles become inflamed from an overgrowth of bacteria. But the reason why I wanted it was because my eyes are constantly stinging! Probably from use of sunscreen, but sometimes they will sting if I’m not wearing sunscreen either and it’s baaaaad, like oh crap I can’t see where I’m driving anymore because my eyes are stinging and watering up kinda bad. Here’s the caveat though, a package of these are expensive! From what I saw a pack runs from $14-$20! What’s in these things, liquid gold or something?? So, needless to say I didn’t pick any up today, but if one day I get really fed up with my eye stinging…then eyelid cleanser here I come!