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so i’m uploading a short video i made. it’s going to take about 4 hours to finish uploading…its only a 3 minute video dang!?

get ready for the most exciting, easy to hear, video log which will make you think deeply about life!

no, not really. i just wanted to post something because i’m really trying to be more consistent about making posts now. i attempted to make a couple videos previously, like last night and earlier today, and you know what…it’s a lot harder than it looks! i’m not really the type of person who likes to talk to cameras…while alone in my room. i barely even like to leave people voicemails! haha so this is very new to me and i’m still trying to get comfortable and find my way. and, add to that the fact that i have to learn how to edit videos now. goodness…i was editing one of the videos yesterday and just today i realized i cut out a whole chunk that i wasn’t supposed to! oops!

but i have faith in myself that it can only improve from here. cuz really…yeah, you’ll see what i mean! haha

*here it is!* omg so they automatically picked a thumbnail image of me where i look like i just got ice water poured down my back! i changed it something a little less ugly, but still ugly haha.


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