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Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

I might have another post just like this somewhere…haha, but here is a 2011 one!

put a medium, sorda dark brown shadow on the crease and blended out

this is the color i used, its from a random palette


put a bit of black eyeshadow in the crease

put the medium brown color from my bronzer all over the lid to help blend. It’s the NYC mosaic bronzer in Mocha Glow

add liner and highlight brown bone with a beige color


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies!

Since Lent is ending I can finally have milk tea/tapioca drinks again. You know how a lot of people after coming off from Lent, they say “I don’t even miss (whatever they gave up) anymore” ? Well, as for me, I’m gonna have at least two milk teas tomorrow, just because I can 😀


Milani EOTD

This is the post best friend has been waiting for…hahaha

From brown052709

I did a sultry brown look because I was discussing with my best friend that I was bored and that I really wanted to go out, but didn’t have anywhere to go so instead I blog! I wanted to do a video originally, but I couldnt get the camera set up in a position where I could sit and you can see my whole head so maybe some other time…

Oh yeh, and I did a kinda tutorial too!

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige [not my shade but I just used it since I knew I would wash it off soon]

Milani shadows

From brown052709

Jane mineral gel liner
NYX Slate jumbo eye pencil
Wet’n’Wild waterproof eyeliner in black

From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709

All Matte EOTD

And a tutorial too! kinda..haha

I’ve been seeing a some matte EOTD’s around lately and I noticed they can be really beautiful in their own right. I think we tend to go for shimmery or pearl shadows cuz they look cute in the pan, but this time I got really excited to just use mattes.

From matte

I used the green shadow in the upper left mixed with a matte Jordana black shadow. Jordana actually has pigmented shadows and they’re super cheap too, but when I was at walgreens today I didn’t see any Jordana shadows! Where are they?? Long’s maybe? If you know where to get Jordana shadows, please let me know. They carry a bunch of matte colors too. And it costs like 99 cents each or something. But anyway..

I tapped my Coastal Scents crease brush into the green a few times then the black a few times and applied all over the lid, but concentrated on the contour part and stayed away from my upper lashline.

From matte

I did the same thing here but added another layer

From matte

Line and Highlight. I used Milani ‘Almondine’ for a highlight.

From matte

The only thing about mattes is that they can be harder to blend, so I would just strategically place my brush when applying the shadows since I know it might be hard to blend later.

The finished product!

From matte

I love it!

Valentine’s FOTD

From valentines09

Photos by JR Ignacio

This is kinda like a face of the day… at least you’re seeing my face! I did a simple valentines look because we just went out to eat lunch to avoid the dinner crowds. I used a mostly matte cream colored shadow all over the lid and then a taupe, but more on the gray side, shadow all over the lid, concentrating on the contour. Then liquid liner and red lips! That’s it, easy.

We ate at a place called Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

The food was pretty tasty! Here’s the coconut shrimp

From valentines09

Spaghetti clams with white sauce

From valentines09

Blvd Burger, it’s a cheeseburger with Thousand Island dressing and grilled onions

From valentines09

Looking at my valentine’s goodies with that one dinosaur from Barney. He was swimming in a sea of candy that was inside the bag. There was Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars, my favorite!

From valentines09

We made steaks, wait no, FILET MIGNON for dinner! With mushroom gravy, yummm

From valentines09

Hope everyone had a fun Valentines! I know I did! 🙂

Warriors FOTD and Ulta Eyeshadow Base

We went to go watch the Warriors play the Kings!


From warriors011409

Oh yeh, my hair is dark brown now! Like chocolate! mmmm

Please stand for the national anthem

From warriors011409

YO! It’s Yao haha

From warriors011409

Sad cuz we lost. We’ll get em next time!

From warriors011409

I used the game as an opportunity to test out the Ulta Eyeshadow Base

The UDPP side performed well as it normally does. There is darkness in the outer v that looks like smudging, but I actually put black eyeshadow there. On the Ulta side, we have some smudging, you can see where the eyeliner transfered to my lid. Also there is some fading and creasing towards the inner part of the lid. Even though the Ulta base didn’t live up to the Urban Decay PP, I was surprised at its performance. I was expecting all my eyeshadow to be melted by the time I got back from the game. The pics were taken 6 hours after application. So obviously the Ulta base isn’t as good as the UDPP, but for everyday wear I think it would be ok. I’ll consider buying my own, not quite sure yet. but it’s only $7.00 at Ulta so it won’t break the bank. Oh, if you’re goin to try to look for it at Ulta, they put it with all the eyeshadows, its like in the first or second slot and it has the same packaging as the eyeshadows so look for the only one that looks creamy!

xsparkage Smokey

I looooooooove this look! [from xsparkage‘s youtube channel]

This is what I imagine smokey eyes should look like in my dreams! AND I figured out why my smokey eyes don’t have that transparent smokey look like she has. It’s because she starts with a shimmering skintone type color and highlighter on brow and then puts the darker colors on top [oh, lightbulb!]. But not too much darkness. I love it, it’s sexy and easy and goood! Who says an old dog can’t learn new trickks… 🙂

Pink Smoky FOTD

My professor pushed back our paper deadline so now I can blog! Yayyy!

My inspiration:

My attempt:

Anna gave me some makeup that she didn’t use anymore [thanks again!] and a lot of the shadows were pink or purpley-pink. I don’t usually use pink shadows so I didn’t really know what to do until I found this video on youtube! Of course I don’t have the same shadows that Misschievous uses, so I improvised and did a budget friendly version of it.




Products used:

Covergirl 4 shadow pallete with pinks for highlight and crease
Adorned with Grace Happiness [cool pink] on crease
Rimmel medium green color
Ulta Galaxy [Black with micro glitter]

I used both the darkest pink from CG and Happiness in the area above the crease. Since I don’t have a gunmetal kinda that Misschievous uses, I layered Galaxy and the Rimmel green color because the green provides the iridescence while the Galaxy makes it smokey and dark. On my lips I used Milani Secret [a sheer milky color] lip gloss and NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee.


In other non makeup related news…I got a fish!



He’s a Ryukin goldfish, that’s how we got the name Ryu, remember Streetfighter? I know Christiana does! haha. I originally wanted a Pearlscale goldfish, but I saw this guy at the pet store and I fell in love! He’s beauutiful!

Smokey Challenge!

smokeygreen 030 copy

I did this look to submit to Temptalia’s smokey eye challenge. It was inspired by one of her looks, but I only used drugstore products. I love Temptalia! She’s very skilled at what she does, creative with her color combinations and presents it all in a professional aesthetic manner. She’s amazing!

Products used:
– Pantina Gel-liner in green [base]
– NYX Lime Green on inner 2/3 of lid
– L’oreal HIP Riotous dark green side on outer v, crease, lower lashline
– L’oreal HIP Flamboyant golden yellow above crease, inner tearduct
– Estee Lauder Neutral 6 as highlight
– Rimmel Underground Liquid Liner
– VS Beauty Rush lipgloss [a sheer peachy shade]

smokeygreen 029 copy

smokeygreen 017 copy

smokeygreen 035 copy

smokeygreen 033 copy

smokeygreen 031 copy

smokeygreen 027 copy

Dramatic Milani Smokey

080808storm 012 copy

I’m finally putting my Milani eyeshadows to good use!

I used Storm on outer v and crease, Silver Bullet on inner lid, Mark eye-mark in Minx [a shimmery taupe] on outer lid. For the highlight I used a bunch of different shadows because it didn’t look right with just Snow Frost, but I don’t really remember all the stuff I used.

080808storm 009 copy

080808storm 007 copy

080808storm 016 copy
Milani Jumbo Pencil in Iced Coffee

080808storm 002 copy
Some drama for your mama

080808storm 011 copy

I said I would let you know about my hair…well, I didn’t notice a difference using the honey and olive oil mask. So, I’m still on the lookout for a deep conditioner that is affordable! [Or try to find Joico K-pak on sale!]

MAC Night Light & Dark Soul

I’m gonna post a few things today to make up for my lack of posting recently!

I did this look for Individual Collective‘s gallery closing event. I took the pictures at the end of the night, but my eyeshadow was still intact which goes to show that even tho Urban Decay Primer Potion costs a pretty penny, it does what it says it’s going to do!

I used Dark Soul on the crease and outer v and Night Light all over the lid and on bottom lash line.

072608macLook 004 copy

072608macLook 001 copy

072608macLook 002 copy

My boyfriend captured the FOTD, with a cupcake to increase the cuteness!