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Shop My Stash!

Hi everyone! I’m selling some makeup items, look around and see if there is anything you want! It’s a great opportunity to snagĀ  I’m only taking orders from inside the U.S. at this time.

You must have a Paypal account to order. Payment required in 72 hours. No returns or exchanges, Can purchase insurance for extra. E-mail me at to order, thanks!


order total…shipping

  • $0-$10 …$2
  • $11-20…$4
  • $21&up…$6

LUSH Angel’s Delight soap $10
I bought it for $12, this is the only soap where I kept the sticker, so I don’t know how much the other soaps weigh. All the soaps were purchased Dec. 26 09

LUSH Noubar soap $9 SOLD

I put the votive candle in the picture for reference as to how big the soap is since I don’t have a scale to weigh them

LUSH Godmother soap $3

LUSH Rockstar soap $5 SOLD
I didn’t take a picture of it next to the candle, but it’s smaller than the Angels and Noubar, but bigger than Godmother.

LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel, New $14
8.4 oz. medium size.

LUSH Snow Fairy Solid Perfume, New $8

TKB Eyeshadow Kit $16
It includes most of the items that were in the original kit, give or take a couple jars or so. And there are some eyeshadows that I mixed in there. I realized that I’d rather buy shadows than make them myself haha!

Organix Green Tea & Pomegranate Conditioner, New $3

Bath & Body Works “P.S. I Love You” body spray $3.50

Mixed loose eyeshadows $5.00

includes 7 shadows and 2 blushes in 5 gram jars and a bunch of eyeshadow samples in baggies.

CG Outlast Lipcolor in Coral $2
used 2x

[sorry I don’t have pictures for the rest yet, my computer decided to stop reading my memory card ?!? I’ll post them later though! or ask me to send you the pic if you like]

MAC for Fafi beauty powder in “Sassed Up” $25 *SOLD*
With box, used a couple times
L’oreal HIP eyeshadows 2 for $6
in flamboyant and riotous
Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipes $1.50 for two
Eyeko Pretty Eyes eyeshadow cake $3.00
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
New $3.50, Lightly Used $2.50

Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara $3.50
in very black
Revlon Mix & Mingle lip glosses $8 for three
NYX Triple Eyeshadow in Shanri-La $3.00


“From One Broke College Student to Another”

HAHA that’s what she said when she gave me the gift. But coming from a broke college student, she managed to get me some awesome stuff!

From from anna

Body butter, cuz my boyfriend was gonna buy me body butter but he failed in doing so hahah

Kabuki brush, I was thinking about getting a new, larger kabuki too! She just read my mind!

Maybelline Line Stylist lipliner in pink. I like that it’s pink, but slightly brown so it’s natural too

Perfume samples Prada and SJP Covet

NYX Round Lipstick in Circe, YAY it’s nude and it’s NYX! This will probably only make me want to buy more

MAC pigment samples! and a sample of CS silica powder

*not pictured* this cute travel case of 5 gram jars and mini squeeze bottles filled with different hair serums! Ah I love it! And one of the jars has MAC brush cleanser in it…so I can wash one brush, LOL. I love you Anna! By the way she has a blog of her own and has cool posts and she actually uses MAC stuff and does a lot of FOTDs of which I am too broke and lazy to do haha.

From from anna

From left to right:
MAC pigments in Fairy Lite, Pinked Mauve, Sweet Sienna, Off the Radar

These swatches remind me why people buy MAC pigments which give you a ridiculous amount you can’t use up and are not even cheap at the same time….cuz the colors are freakin gorgeousss! I don’t even wear orange eyeshadow ever but that Off the Radar is sexy, I’m gonna have to use it in a look one of these days!

My First MAC

This is the first MAC product that I bought for myself! And being the bargain crazed woman that I am, of course I got it at CCO! Like chyeah, of course! And of course I only bought one thing! Cuz I’m broke! Of course

Here it is, I have to admit the packaging just might make up for the fact that it’s out of my price range…

From macslimshine

Wooo, it’s a beauty! Can you tell I never buy high-end things…goodnesss

From macslimshine

And yeah, I took the pics while the boyfriend was pumping gas. That’s what you call blogging on the run!


From macslimshine

Sorry about the huge shadow. But you get the idea right, like MLBB [my lips but better], neutral-y color. It’s sorda darker in person though, but that’s what it looks like when the sun hits it.

MAC Night Light & Dark Soul

I’m gonna post a few things today to make up for my lack of posting recently!

I did this look for Individual Collective‘s gallery closing event. I took the pictures at the end of the night, but my eyeshadow was still intact which goes to show that even tho Urban Decay Primer Potion costs a pretty penny, it does what it says it’s going to do!

I used Dark Soul on the crease and outer v and Night Light all over the lid and on bottom lash line.

072608macLook 004 copy

072608macLook 001 copy

072608macLook 002 copy

My boyfriend captured the FOTD, with a cupcake to increase the cuteness!




Since I posted an embarrassing picture of myself below, I decided to post a cuter pic to make up for it!

I used MAC viz-a-violet on the lid and lower outer lashline, The Body Shop shimmercubes purple silk on the crease, Isadora mineral eyeshadow in tourmaline [it’s shimmery light blue] on the lid close to the lashline and on bottom inner lashline. I lined the waterline with Revlon Colorstay and lined the top with a navy blue liner.




My First MAC Piggies!

I know I haven’t posted in a while! But, I’m back…with swatches! Anna hooked me up with pigment samples! Thank you Anna!

The first set of pictures were all taken outdoors.

With flash

Without flash





In bathroom lighting