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Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

I might have another post just like this somewhere…haha, but here is a 2011 one!

put a medium, sorda dark brown shadow on the crease and blended out

this is the color i used, its from a random palette


put a bit of black eyeshadow in the crease

put the medium brown color from my bronzer all over the lid to help blend. It’s the NYC mosaic bronzer in Mocha Glow

add liner and highlight brown bone with a beige color


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies!

Since Lent is ending I can finally have milk tea/tapioca drinks again. You know how a lot of people after coming off from Lent, they say “I don’t even miss (whatever they gave up) anymore” ? Well, as for me, I’m gonna have at least two milk teas tomorrow, just because I can 😀


Happy Easter!

And for those who don’t celebrate “easter,” happy hunting for chocolate eggs day!

My family ordered some crispy pata [deep fried pork leg, it’s a Filipino delicacy!] and it was soooo fatty and delicious.

I have a short review on N.Y.C. eyeliner pencils!

From NYCliners

The last time I bought a NYC eyeliner I think I was in middle school, but I wanted to try them out again because the waterproof pencils were getting good reviews on MUA. The pencils were surprisingly more pigmented than I remember from before. I was especially happy with the black and the white pencil I got. The brown, I was originally gonna use it as a brown eyeliner, but I found it wasn’t dark enough for my liking so I started using it for my brows and it turned out good because I can get a fuller brow with pencil than with powder.

From NYCliners

Here is an EOTD where I used all 3 of the pencils

From NYCliners

I used the white on my waterline to make eyes appear bigger or less tired. I lined my bottom lashline with a bit of black and used the brown on my eyebrows.

I’m glad i didn’t go ahead and buy the Sephora eyeliner pencils that I was eyeing because the regular wood eyeliner from NYC costs a dollar and the waterproof one costs around 4 dollars versus the Sephora ones which cost $5-$8. I might still pick up a brown one from Sephora though. I would definately repurchase these and I love that you can buy it almost anywhere and they’re so cheap!