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Monday Poll

It’s the Monday poll from! I ā¤ Karen & Tabs šŸ™‚ And she's from the bay area, hey girl heyy!

1. Mood:
I’ll be in a better mood once I finish up some homework and then I can dick around and do whatever I want!
2. What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?
I use shampoo, or face wash that I no longer use on my face. I also have Dr. Bronners castille soap in Lavender. I’ll use almost anything haha
3. Wide-legged jeans ā€” yea or nay?
I’m gonna have to say no, I can’t see it being flattering on a short girl like me
4. The last book that made you cry?
I read a variety of things, but none were tearjerkers
5. Do you wear bracelets?
no, I do wear a watch though
6. Have you ever cut your own bangs?
Heck yeah! My hair grows really fast and I don’t get haircuts often, but I will trim or cut my bangs. After you get practice, it’s easy!
7. Are you a procrastinator?
who isn’t? I have been trying to get into the habit of getting the grunt work out of the way, cuz I’d much rather be working on my blog, making perfumes, knitting, sleeping, watching the office…
8. Favorite cookie?
Mmm, I love cookies. the Mrs. Fields butter toffee cookie is to die for!
9. I always knew Iā€™dā€¦
have a fabulous life. Nails done, hair done, everything big! Not quite Kim Kardash status yet, but I’m on my way!
10. Weekly goals:
Make a couple videos and or written posts, make perfume samples to give out to some lucky folks (details to come), exercise at least once this week (come on, lazyass!)

Now it’s your turn to fill out the poll in the comments section below šŸ™‚


Purple FOTD

I hope I don’t have another post titled Purple FOTD..I’m not so creative when it comes to blog titles haha.

I used the same purple elf eyeshadow quad in “silver lining” that I used on Christmas except this time I applied a neutral colored shadow all over the lid before applying the other colors so it would be toned down for daytime.

From MaybXXL
From MaybXXL

I don’t like this picture of me, but my hair looks sleek! yay!

From MaybXXL

On another note, Lent is upon us and for those who are not familiar with lent it is a period of 40 days and 40 nights [yeah, like that movie with Josh Hartnett!] where you give something up that you normally do or have everyday [for example, coffee for some people]. I’m not what you would call religious, I just participate in Lent because I’m weird and I think it’s fun to test my willpower haha. For Lent this year I gave up Youtube and reading beauty blogs because I noticed that I go on Youtube and read beauty blogs practically every day when I should be doing homework or something more productive. So it sucks because I can’t keep up on all your guys’ blogs and stuff. but I know the posts are still gonna be there when I get back and I allowed myself to blog which is a good thing because I need to try to update this thing regularly instead of randomly. So, did you give up anything for Lent?

New Hair for the New Year!

I got it yesterday! I chopped it all offfff

From haircutdec08
From haircutdec08
From haircutdec08

Looks like now I gotta go hair product shopping…oh no, here we go

And I took pictures of Paris toda

From dec242008
From dec242008

Happy Holidays everyone!


i’m in the middle of writing a paper due..later today so i can’t really blog, but if i had the time to do a proper blog, this is topics i would cover…

ASIAN blotting papers are so much more inexpensive then freakin clean & clear! i saw a pack of 400 sheets at this little japanese store for like 6 maybe 7 dollars. and some at this filipino store called Bench [it’s like their abercrombie haha] 100 sheets for $1.99. and the mother lode, HELLA sheets for $1.50 at Daiso if you happen to live near one. their packaging is cuter too…i will buy some and show you

i found a cool blog about hair hair hair! killer strands < my new best friend. and with this hair, i will take over the world!

~OH CRAP I ALMOST KICKED MY LAPTOP OFF MY BED staying up this late to write a paper is sooo not good im gettin delirious please tell me i’m not the only one pullin an all nighter

i want to do a post about “cutting the crease”, remind me to do that! it sounds weird but its kinda cooool

im swappin the brown coastal scents gel liner for a black one that my friend is ordering because black was out of stock when i was ordering…but now i have to wait for it to arrive. im not so good at waiting i want it nowww. im probably gonna go out and buy some gel liner at the store.. :X

i got the v05 heat protectant spray. im sure it’s called something a lot cuter than that though. i need to test it out then review

does anyone know of a hair serum that’s like Biosilk without the crazy price tag? please let me know

uhmmm i’m really hungry, im gonna get a snack and then go back to HELLLL-o final papers and exams

oh…any concealer recommendations?

Coastal Scents Brushes

From 2008-12-07, csbrushes
From 2008-12-07, csbrushes

I know everyone and their mom already has coastal scents brushes, but this was my first time so it’s a big deal to me! And I’m SO HAPPY with my purchase. I got [from left to right] the pink lip brush, duo fibre, deluxe buffer and tapered crease brush and I like all of them! Let me review them individually…

Tapered crease brush $2.49: got it because the crease brush I’m currently using is an artist [paint] brush, but it wasn’t full enough for my liking so I got this and I actually thought it would be like a blending brush, like fluffier, but it isn’t. That’s ok though because I would have more control with this brush and it says its for the crease, while a fluffier brush in a similar shape might not be ideal for crease work.

duo fibre/skunk brush $7.95
: I got this to use for blush cuz sometimes I feel like the brush I have applies my blush, but at the same time it’s brushing off my foundation! So I wanted a brush that has a lighter touch to it.

pink oval taklon lip brush $1.60: I’m not gonna use this as a lip brush…I’ve never actually seen a lip brush that looks like this anyway…it looks like a really small shader brush to me! I’m going to use this as a concealer brush and it’s just the right size to cover blemish marks.

From 2008-12-07, csbrushes

deluxe buffer $4.25
: It’s sooo soft and really dense too! They don’t skimp on the bristles so it’s firm against your face. I like the coverage that it gives me and also the finish. Makes my face look soft and smooth, I love it! One thing that might detract from it is it had a odor to it when I first got it and when it was wet while I was washing, the smell was stronger. You know, like a wet dog! But I washed it with shampoo and brush cleanser and I don’t notice the smell anymore.

From 2008-12-07, csbrushes

And did you check out the prices?? INSANE. They even put my order in a cute mesh drawstring bag and included a free sample of hilight blue eyeshadow!! And shipping took only a few days!, I applaud you.

Note: I’m sure there’s people out there who have had bad experiences with coastalscents or ordered products that weren’t so awesome, but my first experience was sooo great…I’m in love. Like L-O-V-E, love.

I Miss Thermasilk

I got a little hair obsession thing goin on right now, can you tell?

image source:

Remember Thermasilk? It was like the first drugstore brand that said it was for people who intended to use it along with heat styling products. I used to use the shampoo and conditioner andI remembered it smelled really good. I didnt heat style my hair back then because I wasn’t as girly froo froo as I am now, but it was nice to know that if I did decide to curl my hair or whatever, my hair would be protected. And I got a sample of their deep conditioner once and then I did blow dry afterwards just to see if it really makes a difference and I remember my hair being soooo soft afterwards! I still have my Thermasilk leave-in conditioner spray. It works fairly well but there were times when it coudln’t help me out with my tangles. And now the line is discontinued! Why??

In other nuts4HAIR news…I want to get my haircut, but the style I was thinking also involves a lot of styling. Like it’s not really wash and go. That sucks cuz I’m soo not the type to get up extra early just to do my hair. Also, if I cut my hair, I was thinking I might need a new flat iron [you know for all the styling that I would have to do]. The one I have right now is ok, but OK flat irons are probably not so good for the hair. It would be a good investment for me to actually get a GOOD flat iron that because I noticed that not all irons are created equally and using a good one makes a big difference.

New E.L.F. Studio Line

I came across this just now and it’s pretty interesting. E.l.f. is known for selling just about almost everything on their site for a dollar each and according to reviews, some of the stuff they offer is pretty awesome at an amazing price! So now they have this more professional looking series, in which the items cost more than a dollar, but still very inexpensive and have a sleek look to them. For example, this one reminds me of a Nars pallette…

And this looks like something I could use

Of course I can’t say whether these are quality products or not, but it looks like e.l.f. is stepping their game up and possibly trying to bite off of other brand’s packaging…haha. There was many times when I wanted to order from e.l.f. but the 7 dollar shipping and handling kinda defeated the purpose of saving money doncha think?


This was so totally weird and gross, I had to post it!

Urine Therapy

These people SWEAR by it though. Haha, maybe the cure to acne was hiding inside our bladders all this time…

If you do a Google search of urine therapy they have tons of websites about it too. Wow is all I can say.

I Put My Lipstick to Work!

Albert Lam Photography < see more
Dyno Clothing < these shirts are for sale!







This was my first professional type shoot [besides wedding pictures…haha] and it was a lot of fun! Let’s do it again weeee!


awgBlushes 002

I rocked the vote! Did you? And I got some goodies for free with my “I voted” sticker. It’s ironic that when you vote you can get krispy kreme and starbucks…like all we do is eat fried sweets and drink caffeinated drinks. Oh wait, we do! And I love it!