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Shop My Stash!

Hi everyone! I’m selling some makeup items, look around and see if there is anything you want! It’s a great opportunity to snagΒ  I’m only taking orders from inside the U.S. at this time.

You must have a Paypal account to order. Payment required in 72 hours. No returns or exchanges, Can purchase insurance for extra. E-mail me at to order, thanks!


order total…shipping

  • $0-$10 …$2
  • $11-20…$4
  • $21&up…$6

LUSH Angel’s Delight soap $10
I bought it for $12, this is the only soap where I kept the sticker, so I don’t know how much the other soaps weigh. All the soaps were purchased Dec. 26 09

LUSH Noubar soap $9 SOLD

I put the votive candle in the picture for reference as to how big the soap is since I don’t have a scale to weigh them

LUSH Godmother soap $3

LUSH Rockstar soap $5 SOLD
I didn’t take a picture of it next to the candle, but it’s smaller than the Angels and Noubar, but bigger than Godmother.

LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel, New $14
8.4 oz. medium size.

LUSH Snow Fairy Solid Perfume, New $8

TKB Eyeshadow Kit $16
It includes most of the items that were in the original kit, give or take a couple jars or so. And there are some eyeshadows that I mixed in there. I realized that I’d rather buy shadows than make them myself haha!

Organix Green Tea & Pomegranate Conditioner, New $3

Bath & Body Works “P.S. I Love You” body spray $3.50

Mixed loose eyeshadows $5.00

includes 7 shadows and 2 blushes in 5 gram jars and a bunch of eyeshadow samples in baggies.

CG Outlast Lipcolor in Coral $2
used 2x

[sorry I don’t have pictures for the rest yet, my computer decided to stop reading my memory card ?!? I’ll post them later though! or ask me to send you the pic if you like]

MAC for Fafi beauty powder in “Sassed Up” $25 *SOLD*
With box, used a couple times
L’oreal HIP eyeshadows 2 for $6
in flamboyant and riotous
Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipes $1.50 for two
Eyeko Pretty Eyes eyeshadow cake $3.00
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
New $3.50, Lightly Used $2.50

Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara $3.50
in very black
Revlon Mix & Mingle lip glosses $8 for three
NYX Triple Eyeshadow in Shanri-La $3.00


Revlon Runway Collection

From nailsNlashes

Here I’m using their lashes in Lush [ooh LUSH! haha] I have it on my right eye for comparison. I wish I was born with these lashes, they’re gorgeous!

From nailsNlashes
From nailsNlashes

The intensifying lashes are really long, I guess that’s why they call it “Fantasy Lengths”. When I used the lashes I cut a small part off and just used it on the ends of my lashline. When I read the back of the box, it said that it comes with a lash applicator and I was wondering where that was because my box was open and I didn’t see a lash applicator, and then I found it! It’s tucked into the instructions and looks like this…

From nailsNlashes

Also, the Intensifying lashes are have a self-adhesive. It’s a sticky strip, and they give you another set of replacement strips to continued use

From nailsNlashes


Revlon Runway Collection

It’s my first ever giveaway! The winner will receive 4 boxes of the Revlon artificial nails. Each box contains a cute nail buffer too. There are 3 boxes for finger nails and 1 box for toenails, and the toenail box is “2 kits in 1 box” so you get 48 instead of the usual 24 nails!

From nailsNlashes
From nailsNlashes

To enter, add a comment introducing yourself and tell me how you found my little blog! I’d like to see who reads this stuff, so all you lurkers come out and play! πŸ˜€ I will choose a winner at midnight Tuesday July 14th so you have a whole week to enter! The winner will be chosen through, one entry per person!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation + FOTD

From Rimmel

I got my hands on some Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation and I’m kinda torn about whether or not I like this foundation. Compared to the Revlon Colorstay, it does not apply as smoothly. The Rimmel foundation was blotchy looking and accentuated dry spots. In the picture below I have CS on most of my face and Rimmel on my forehead. It also looks really dark in the tube, but once applied it is lighter. I think the shade I got might still be a tad light for me, but the other choices I had at Walgreens at the time seemed to be a worse match than what I chose so I figured I could balance out the lightness with bronzer. As for staying power, I think it holds up pretty well. I admit I only tried it out twice, but both those times were for a party situation when I needed my makeup to be reliable and it didn’t disappoint me. I actually think that the Lasting Finish looks better after it settles with your skin. So even though the review may sound terrible, I don’t think this is a bad foundation, but if i was really seriously buying a foundation I would stick with the Colorstay and if it was like an emergency situation I would pick up the Rimmel.

I did this look a couple weeks ago to go to a party and I made the liner pretty dramatic for a more funky look. On my lips I don’t remember exactly what I used but I know I used my Wet n Wild hot pink lipstick plus a gloss.

From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209
From fotd061209

Milani EOTD

This is the post best friend has been waiting for…hahaha

From brown052709

I did a sultry brown look because I was discussing with my best friend that I was bored and that I really wanted to go out, but didn’t have anywhere to go so instead I blog! I wanted to do a video originally, but I couldnt get the camera set up in a position where I could sit and you can see my whole head so maybe some other time…

Oh yeh, and I did a kinda tutorial too!

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige [not my shade but I just used it since I knew I would wash it off soon]

Milani shadows

From brown052709

Jane mineral gel liner
NYX Slate jumbo eye pencil
Wet’n’Wild waterproof eyeliner in black

From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709

Revlon Colorstay

Well hello again πŸ˜‰

From Colorstay

I’m gonna do a review on Revlon Colorstay foundation with Softflex. I’m gonna make it quick-ish because the way I see it is, most people like it, some really don’t so you really have to just try it for yourself and make your own conclusions. I happen to be in the group who likes it!

This was my first venture into liquid foundation and it’s been such a good experience so far. I got the shades fresh beige and medium beige and I’m not too sure about how well they match my skin, because some days I think it’s perfect and others I think it’s off. My favorite part of this foundation is it controls oil! I NEVER had a foundation do that for me before! I mean it can’t completely block the oil, but I feel like at the end of the night my face would be more dewey instead of greasy, which is awesome. The recent FOTDs I’ve been posting [like the last three or so] I was wearing Colorstay. The only thing I don’t like about it is that is a little pricey, I mean if you buy it when it is buy one buy one it’s all good, but if in an emergency or something, I would have to buy it full price, that would kinda suck. I have been applying it with cosmetic sponges so far. I think I’m gonna get another duo fiber brush to apply it with instead so it’s reusable as opposed to the sponges that I throw away each time.

So the Colorstay used to come in a bottle with a pump and when they reformulated it for whatever reason they removed the pump.. because they wanted to make our lives harder? I dunno. So I didn’t like using it by pouring it out because extra would end up on the bottle neck and its just messy so I got some pump containers for it from the japanese store. One [the one on the left] is cool because it’s a vacuum pump so everytime you pump, the bottom of the container will rise too, like it pushes the product up if you can imagine what I mean. So that means nothing goes to waste! I love that!

From Colorstay

You like my ghetto labeling system? I don’t have tape at my house! Only post-its haha

From Colorstay

Revlon Mix & Mingle Again

I wanna try to get the other 2 or 3 colors if I find them on sale. Revlon is discontinuing this series, but I still see it around sometimes and some places are selling them for really cheap to get rid of their stock, while others are still selling it at retail price which is around 10 dollars. I got all of mine for less than 3 dollars πŸ™‚

From 013009

Without flash

From 013009

With flash

From 013009

Very cute nude colors! Link to my other post about Mix n Mingle glosses