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Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

I might have another post just like this somewhere…haha, but here is a 2011 one!

put a medium, sorda dark brown shadow on the crease and blended out

this is the color i used, its from a random palette


put a bit of black eyeshadow in the crease

put the medium brown color from my bronzer all over the lid to help blend. It’s the NYC mosaic bronzer in Mocha Glow

add liner and highlight brown bone with a beige color


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies!

Since Lent is ending I can finally have milk tea/tapioca drinks again. You know how a lot of people after coming off from Lent, they say “I don’t even miss (whatever they gave up) anymore” ? Well, as for me, I’m gonna have at least two milk teas tomorrow, just because I can 😀


Winged Liner Tutorial

I aplogize in advance if the directions are hard to understand, but hopefully the pictures help! Here’s how I learned to wing out my eyeliner…

Line the upper lashline. the outer half of the lashline should be thicker than the inner to make a cat eye kind of shape

From eyeliner tut

With your eyes open, looking straight ahead, make a mark on the outside of where your eyelid fold is [because you don’t want the line gettin caught in the fold and getting folded too…]. If you don’t have a eyelid fold you can place the dot where ever you like. Also it’s important you do it with your eyes open so that you’ll know exactly where the line is going to end up.

From eyeliner tut

Connect the mark or dot back to the end of the lashline

From eyeliner tut

Fill in the wing so it makes a smooth transition back to the lashline

From eyeliner tut

This is what it looks like open. My eyelid fold makes it so that even if i made the line super thick, you can’t see it while my eyes are open. And it also makes it even more crucial that I have a good eyeshadow base!

From eyeliner tut

Hope that helps! Remember, practice makes perfect! 🙂

“Beachy” Hair

In case anyone was wondering, I curled my hair using a flat iron and curled some sections with a 1 inch curling iron. I could do a tutorial on it if you’d like. If you can’t wait for the tutorial, here’s a really good one from Sarah Victor>

Falsies FOTD

Products used:

Face: Everyday Minerals Medium Tan [to contour], EM Light Olive [all over], EM All Smiles Blush

Eyes: Estee Lauder eyeshadow pallete [neutral colors], brow powder from The Body Shop, black eyeshadow, homemade mixing medium

Started with a basic, neutral eye. The pic is blurry, I know!


Add a bunch of eyeliner, wing it out. I used homemade mixing medium and black eyeshadow for my eyeliner and applied it with an angled eyeliner brush.


Add falsies…hopefully you can do a better job at this than me! haha





Youtube to the rescue

I didn’t get the camera! But I’ll post on something else instead and save my eye of the day for tomorrow. GOSH, I’m having writer’s block…

Here’s something, there’s this girl on youtube, fafinettex3 and I love watching her videos. She’s goofy and she makes it fun! And her room is always so CLEAN. Haha, the opposite of mine. Here’s one I especially like…

I wanna do video tutorials! Maybe sometime in the stay tuned!