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Lush Cleansers

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures, all my cleansers are all crazy mixed together anyway…

Aqua Marina – I bought this because my skin had redness before and I was looking for things to take down the redness cuz it has calomine in it. It’s a more gentle cleanser that can be used every day, but in certain water conditions it doesn’t rinse off well! And it will look like you have a pink mask of film still on your face [I guess this happens if you have hard water], and then you’d need toner and a cotton ball to remove it.

Fresh Farmacy – This one I bought because of the calomine in it as well.  It also has tea tree oil in it, which is good for acne, so that’s why when I wash my face at night I use both the FF and AM. I use FF on my t-zone because it is oily and FF can get drying and AM on my cheeks. I also added more tea tree oil to my cleansers, because I don’t think the FF on it’s own has enough tea tree oil to prevent acne. But now I’m experimenting with just putting tea tree oil in my toner [which isn’t Lush, it’s Alba Botanica]

Angels on Bare Skin – This is something I use when I feel like my skin is dried out. It’s moisturizing and also has ground almonds to be a gentle exfoliator.  I don’t use it all too often, but I think it’s nice to have around in the winter.

Dark Angels – I basically use this for more hardcore exfoliation. Some of the pieces of coal in there feel sharp and it’s hard to rinse off too! At least that has always been an issue for me. Sometimes I mix half DA with AOBS and that works better.

Coalface – I just have a sample of this. I don’t really really have a use for it, but it would be good for someone who doesn’t want to go through the whole process of using the “squidgee” cleansers. It could eventually be drying to the skin, I’m not sure, but that’s what I hear. And I think it smells good too. I kinda wish I could use it, but I would probably just be buying it just to buy it haha.

Those are the only one’s I’ve tried! Let me know if you have any questions!

Oh yeah and for all the cleansers, I wouldn’t buy more than $5 at a time so that you can use it up during the 3 month shelf life. When I was a noob to Lush I got a $12 dollar tub of AM, and it takes forever to finish!