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Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

I might have another post just like this somewhere…haha, but here is a 2011 one!

put a medium, sorda dark brown shadow on the crease and blended out

this is the color i used, its from a random palette


put a bit of black eyeshadow in the crease

put the medium brown color from my bronzer all over the lid to help blend. It’s the NYC mosaic bronzer in Mocha Glow

add liner and highlight brown bone with a beige color


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies!

Since Lent is ending I can finally have milk tea/tapioca drinks again. You know how a lot of people after coming off from Lent, they say “I don’t even miss (whatever they gave up) anymore” ? Well, as for me, I’m gonna have at least two milk teas tomorrow, just because I can 😀


Milani EOTD

This is the post best friend has been waiting for…hahaha

From brown052709

I did a sultry brown look because I was discussing with my best friend that I was bored and that I really wanted to go out, but didn’t have anywhere to go so instead I blog! I wanted to do a video originally, but I couldnt get the camera set up in a position where I could sit and you can see my whole head so maybe some other time…

Oh yeh, and I did a kinda tutorial too!

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige [not my shade but I just used it since I knew I would wash it off soon]

Milani shadows

From brown052709

Jane mineral gel liner
NYX Slate jumbo eye pencil
Wet’n’Wild waterproof eyeliner in black

From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709
From brown052709

Soft Smokey

This is sorda the opposite of my last FOTD in a way because instead of being all matte, it’s really shimmery! Which I didn’t really mean to do, but it just ended up that way, but it still turned out cute. I wanted to do a soft smokey look for the daytime.

From softsmokey

– Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel
– Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer pallette [under eyes]
– MAC Mineralized skinfinish natural in medium

– Urban Decay Primer Potion
1) The Body Shop shimmercubes silver
2) e.l.f. silvery white color
3) Bare Escentuals warmth
4) Jordana black
5) NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in slate
6) coastal scents gel liner
7) a matte cream color, I forgot to take a picture of it

I used the matte cream color all over from brown bone to lashline. Then I put the silver colors on my lid, then warmth in the crease then black over the warmth and blend well. I used the NYX jumbo pencil on my waterline, I like that pencil cuz its like a gray that’s kinda blue-ish. It looks great paired with a smokey eye without being too dark. Then I lined my upper lashline with gel liner.

Without flash:

From softsmokey
From softsmokey

With flash:

From softsmokey
From softsmokey

Purple FOTD

I hope I don’t have another post titled Purple FOTD..I’m not so creative when it comes to blog titles haha.

I used the same purple elf eyeshadow quad in “silver lining” that I used on Christmas except this time I applied a neutral colored shadow all over the lid before applying the other colors so it would be toned down for daytime.

From MaybXXL
From MaybXXL

I don’t like this picture of me, but my hair looks sleek! yay!

From MaybXXL

On another note, Lent is upon us and for those who are not familiar with lent it is a period of 40 days and 40 nights [yeah, like that movie with Josh Hartnett!] where you give something up that you normally do or have everyday [for example, coffee for some people]. I’m not what you would call religious, I just participate in Lent because I’m weird and I think it’s fun to test my willpower haha. For Lent this year I gave up Youtube and reading beauty blogs because I noticed that I go on Youtube and read beauty blogs practically every day when I should be doing homework or something more productive. So it sucks because I can’t keep up on all your guys’ blogs and stuff. but I know the posts are still gonna be there when I get back and I allowed myself to blog which is a good thing because I need to try to update this thing regularly instead of randomly. So, did you give up anything for Lent?

Valentine’s FOTD

From valentines09

Photos by JR Ignacio

This is kinda like a face of the day… at least you’re seeing my face! I did a simple valentines look because we just went out to eat lunch to avoid the dinner crowds. I used a mostly matte cream colored shadow all over the lid and then a taupe, but more on the gray side, shadow all over the lid, concentrating on the contour. Then liquid liner and red lips! That’s it, easy.

We ate at a place called Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

The food was pretty tasty! Here’s the coconut shrimp

From valentines09

Spaghetti clams with white sauce

From valentines09

Blvd Burger, it’s a cheeseburger with Thousand Island dressing and grilled onions

From valentines09

Looking at my valentine’s goodies with that one dinosaur from Barney. He was swimming in a sea of candy that was inside the bag. There was Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars, my favorite!

From valentines09

We made steaks, wait no, FILET MIGNON for dinner! With mushroom gravy, yummm

From valentines09

Hope everyone had a fun Valentines! I know I did! 🙂

Christmas FOTD

Not exactly a “holiday” look , but whatever

see if you spot a sleeping angel in the back…hahah

From 2008-12-25
From 2008-12-25

Products used

Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
EM sunlight concealer [under eye]
?? Bare Naturale concealer over sunlight
EM light olive concealer [for blemish marks]
Joppa Minerals [mixed with some EM too so I don’t know the shade exactly]
BE Warmth to contour
EM blush in B&B


the e.l.f. quad below [can you believe it costs a dollar?!?]
– pink + purple all over lid
– purple as a general contour, and on bottom lashline
– dark grey as crease
the body shop shimmer cubes purple color [on top of e.l.f. purple]
TBS shimmer cubes silver color [tearduct and inner 1/3 of lid]
random matte cream shadow [highlight]
NYX jumbo eyes pencil in Slate [waterline]
NYX sahara [highlight]

Coastal scents gel liner in black

From 2008-12-25

Dollar Store Find!

Thanks to Anna who generously donated these to me! Haha

Ten Beauty eyeshadows

I barely believed it myself…

ten 001

ten 003

ten 006

The bottom 6 colors are shimmery and the top 3 are semi-matte

ten 004

ten 009

Silky eyeshadow in “wheat”
ten 011

ten 008


tenbeauty 006

The color got a bit washed out by the flash in the next pic

tenbeauty 004

I used #1 [the numbered swatches above] in the contour, number 2 along the upper lashline, then 3 for highlight. I didnt realize those other colors, the ones I used on the highlight were pretty shimmery, but luckily I didn’t use much because Kim Kardashian says you never use a shimmery highlight! The eyeshadows were applied on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

tenbeauty 003

Get some at the 99 cent store!!!

EDIT: “the single shadow was from the dollar store and the 9 shadow one was from target for like $2.99. But I bet I could have gotten it at the dollar store also cuz they have the brand there… haha” – Anna

Thanks for clearing that up! I was kinda thinking they wouldn’t sell that whole palette fo ra dollar haha

Fall FOTD and Tigi Review

tigiNfotd 006

In the Fall I’m seeing a trend of deeper lip shades like plum, wine or deep red colors. I don’t really have any, but this looked dark on me [it looks deeper in person]. It’s NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee which is supposed to be a nude but I was playing around with dark lipsticks last night and I guess when they mix together, it looks like this!

I used Adorned with Grace Captivating [chestnut brown] all over lid and AwG Pure [almost matte cream] as highlight and layered NYX Sahara as highlight too.

TiGi Fashionista Color Safe Conditioner
~ 12.99 for 8.5 oz

tigiNfotd 016

This was my first foray into higher end hair products, and it worked ok. Mostly I wanted something that was safe for color and would be good at detangling because my hair is really fine and long too so it turns into a birds nest sometimes! The Tigi conditioner was sufficient at detangling, but it didn’t seem to be extra moisturizing or anything like that.

I don’t know if i got a bad batch or something, but it’s supposed to be grape scented, but smells like rotten grapes! or smells off, I don’t know how to describe it. Like grapes mixed with poo…I dont know.

And if that wasn’t enough, look what I found the after the first night of using it….

tigiNfotd 019

Part of the conditioner changed colors! To a yellowish brown…that part that is brown used to be at the very top and its now covered by some more regular colored conditioner. The only reason I could think of that it would change colors is because the first night I placed it on the window sill in the shower so maybe exposure to the sun changes it color? I don’t know…but I have to say I’m disappointed. I would think that they charge higher prices for a reason and that I would be gettin my money’s worth, but not with this. I wouldn’t repurchase. I would rate it a 1.5 out of 5.

Did anyone else experience this with Tigi Fashionista or any of their other products?

Pink Smoky FOTD

My professor pushed back our paper deadline so now I can blog! Yayyy!

My inspiration:

My attempt:

Anna gave me some makeup that she didn’t use anymore [thanks again!] and a lot of the shadows were pink or purpley-pink. I don’t usually use pink shadows so I didn’t really know what to do until I found this video on youtube! Of course I don’t have the same shadows that Misschievous uses, so I improvised and did a budget friendly version of it.




Products used:

Covergirl 4 shadow pallete with pinks for highlight and crease
Adorned with Grace Happiness [cool pink] on crease
Rimmel medium green color
Ulta Galaxy [Black with micro glitter]

I used both the darkest pink from CG and Happiness in the area above the crease. Since I don’t have a gunmetal kinda that Misschievous uses, I layered Galaxy and the Rimmel green color because the green provides the iridescence while the Galaxy makes it smokey and dark. On my lips I used Milani Secret [a sheer milky color] lip gloss and NYX lip pencil in Iced Coffee.


In other non makeup related news…I got a fish!



He’s a Ryukin goldfish, that’s how we got the name Ryu, remember Streetfighter? I know Christiana does! haha. I originally wanted a Pearlscale goldfish, but I saw this guy at the pet store and I fell in love! He’s beauutiful!

Bright Teal Liner

tealLiner 007

tealLiner 005

tealLiner 004

I wanted to do something simple, easy and different from my other looks. It was inspired by Tao’s back to school look except I only used a few things. I find myself not waking up early enough to do a full face of makeup before heading off to school so my makeup routine is gettin lazier and lazier.

I used:

Mary Kay eyeshadow in Jade

I applied the light color all over the lid and then the dark color on the bottom

tealLiner 010
Pantina gel liner pallete in navy blue

I put this before applying the bright teal eyeshadow to help it stick

And finished it off with Rimmel Underground liquid liner[in black]  to line the top. I apologize I don’t remember what I used on my lips, I think it’s NYX in soft fushia mixed with some lipgloss…haha.  And that’s all folks!