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Lush Cleansers

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures, all my cleansers are all crazy mixed together anyway…

Aqua Marina – I bought this because my skin had redness before and I was looking for things to take down the redness cuz it has calomine in it. It’s a more gentle cleanser that can be used every day, but in certain water conditions it doesn’t rinse off well! And it will look like you have a pink mask of film still on your face [I guess this happens if you have hard water], and then you’d need toner and a cotton ball to remove it.

Fresh Farmacy – This one I bought because of the calomine in it as well.  It also has tea tree oil in it, which is good for acne, so that’s why when I wash my face at night I use both the FF and AM. I use FF on my t-zone because it is oily and FF can get drying and AM on my cheeks. I also added more tea tree oil to my cleansers, because I don’t think the FF on it’s own has enough tea tree oil to prevent acne. But now I’m experimenting with just putting tea tree oil in my toner [which isn’t Lush, it’s Alba Botanica]

Angels on Bare Skin – This is something I use when I feel like my skin is dried out. It’s moisturizing and also has ground almonds to be a gentle exfoliator.  I don’t use it all too often, but I think it’s nice to have around in the winter.

Dark Angels – I basically use this for more hardcore exfoliation. Some of the pieces of coal in there feel sharp and it’s hard to rinse off too! At least that has always been an issue for me. Sometimes I mix half DA with AOBS and that works better.

Coalface – I just have a sample of this. I don’t really really have a use for it, but it would be good for someone who doesn’t want to go through the whole process of using the “squidgee” cleansers. It could eventually be drying to the skin, I’m not sure, but that’s what I hear. And I think it smells good too. I kinda wish I could use it, but I would probably just be buying it just to buy it haha.

Those are the only one’s I’ve tried! Let me know if you have any questions!

Oh yeah and for all the cleansers, I wouldn’t buy more than $5 at a time so that you can use it up during the 3 month shelf life. When I was a noob to Lush I got a $12 dollar tub of AM, and it takes forever to finish!


Cetaphil [and it’s knockoff] Review

HI EVERYBODY! i’m back!

From cetaphil

i have a review on Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and also the Target Cetaphil knockoff which is almost exactly the same. They have the same ingredients in the same order, and it feels very similar too. I started using it just cuz my Olay [you know they used to call it Oil of Olay and they don’t anymore…that makes me feel old for some reason haha] Moisture Balancing foaming cleanser was running low and I wanted to try new things just to break the monotony of using the same cleanser…I don’t actually have a good reason to change cleansers, I actually really like the Olay one. And it’s cheap…yeh. But anyway!

This cleanser has a ridiculous amount of reviews on MakeupAlley and it doesn’t necessarily have a high repurchase percentage but I think it’s cuz of the consistency of the wash. It’s like a lotion, and it does not lather or foam whatsoever. I think that’s part of why it’s so gentle. And I think people probably either love that it doesn’t foam or they hate it.  Also in my experience it’s not the best at removing makeup.

From cetaphil

I initially was using the Cetaphil because it’s winter and I wanted to wash my face twice a day without it being stripped so I started using the Cetaphil and it worked GREAT for the morning when my face isn’t so dirty to begin with. And then I started using it at night and I was really skeptical about if it would be able to handle the dirt, oil, sunblock, and makeup from the day and guess what….after using it for about a couple weeks, morning and night, I started breaking out! In small pimples all over my face, small red ones and whiteheads too. ARghhh, those were totally not there before I started using it at night. So basically I just use it for the morning now and it’s good for that. And I’m so glad that I could just use the Target one since Cetaphil is sorda pricey for a drugstore facewash. Like the lowest I have seen it is 10, sometimes 12 bucks and yeah it’s not super expensive, but the Target one is a better deal. For a morning facewash I would give it a 5 out of 5. For a night facewash I would give it a 3 out of 5.

Fading Acne Scars

Using Ly-na Pearl Cream!

When I first started using Ly-na Cream to help with my skin issues, I was using the one in the green tub and that actually turned out to be REALLY BAD for my skin and only made things worse! I found out later that one of the main ingredients in the green one is vaseline! Gross. So around 2 months ago I switched to the PINK jar that everyone else uses and it’s actually working!

I have some nasty before pictures from when I was using the green one still…

From foundation
From foundation

Told you it was nasty!

And this is my skin now, no foundation or touching up.

From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos
From Ly-na 2mos

I still have some scarring. Of course it’ll take time to get rid of all the scars, but the PINK Ly-na Cream really improved the tone and texture of my skin. My scars used to be super red where I felt like I couldn’t go out in public without concealing them, but now they don’t bother me so much. Also I discovered that even though they say to use a thin layer, I feel like using like say a couple or a few thin layers makes it work faster [of course without suffocating your face in it]. And it seems to me that when I saw other beauty bloggers using it, they were really slathering it on haha. Or maybe the Ly-na cream is just reallly apparent in pictures..I don’t know.

I have a couple extra tubs of Ly-na Cream, if you’re interested e-mail me and I’ll give you a price quote! >

Pimple Stickers

image source:

For a while I was obsessed with getting some of these! They’re these pimple sticker bandaid type things that have something in them that ‘absorbs secretions’ from your pimples! Sounds cool! And from the two reviews on the site, it works great! I don’t get as many pimples as I did before, but I still do every once in a while and I think it would be fun to have a sticker you can slap over those bastards to make them smaller faster. Have any of you tried this?

Skincare Sites

My camera ran out of batteries…so I’ll just do a post linking you to other sites that I enjoy!

The Oil Cleansing Method [OCM]- I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made in my skin! I used to have cystic, painful acne and since using the OCM, I rarely get those large, deep under the skin pimples anymore. I know it sounds counterintuitive for someone with acne-prone skin to be applying oil to their face, but the proof is in the pudding cuz this stuff works! Lots of high end brands make oil based cleansers as well such as MAC, DHC, Kiehls and Shiseido to name a few. I don’t follow this method exactly because I still use a moisturizing cleanser afterwards and moisturizer at night. Give the site a look-see cuz they explain things a lot better than I can!

Joseibi – This is a site on Japanese Skincare. I guess they used to sell skincare items, but not anymore so if you click on the links of skincare brands it will give you information, but you can’t actually buy the items. I like this site because they have great articles on oily/dehydrated/acne prone skin! This pretty much inspired me to change up my skincare routine. Check out the articles on dehydrated skin!

Garden of Wisdom – They are an all natural skincare store and also forum. The skincare routines suggested at this site are a bit extensive. They suggest these multiple step skincare routines which I really have no time for haha, but it’s still a useful site! And they also recommend adding emollients [oils] to skincare routines.

Skincare – What To Do??

My skincare routine has been going through a huge overhaul lately as I’m researching online different approaches to getting rid of acne. Recently, in the past year or so I’ve been battling cystic acne and I’m no stranger to pimples because I suffered with it throughout middle school and some of high school, but got it under control using a benzoyl peroxide regimen and my skin was clear until I hit college. During college, I’m not sure what happened, but my face was not happy with me. I started breaking out, and I resorted to those 3 step acne kits because in theory, they should work right? Because it’s removing dirt, oil and all that jazz. But it totally wasn’t working for me and I kept fooling myself that if I just gave it more time, it’s going to work. It wasn’t until my face was bombarded with huge painful cysts that appeared every week that I looked for a better solution.

I started doing the Oil Cleansing Method [OCM] which worked to stop my cystic acne! HOWEVER, gave me a new set of problems. Now instead of cystic acne, I had small whiteheads crop up, which wasn’t the case before. It’s probably a result of oil residue being left on my skin, which is odd because I feel like I’m taking it all off with the washcloth, but I guess I could be wrong. So once again I’m looking to modify my routine since I know that OCM works, but now I need to find a way to prevent the whiteheads. My questions to you are:

What skincare routine do you find works for you?

Do you feel you need more than one moisturizer to get the job done? [ie. creams, lotion, spray essence, spray hydrators, oils..]

Toner: yay or nay?

I really want to figure this whole skincare business out and get my skin looking GOOD! And just for the heck of it, here’s proof that I had pimples plus oily skin [EW!]